Unfiltered Thoughts on Creating the Business You Want

Hi, Everybody. Not long ago, I announced that I was re-launching my business under a new name. But, I have a confession to make: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to creating a business.

I have made a couple of attempts. I have read mountains of literature, joined Facebook groups dedicated to Spiritual Entrepreneurs, talked endlessly with my husband and a few select friends about my doubts and misgivings, my hopes, and my ultimate dreams. Written pages and pages about what my ideal work day looks like. Visualized until I fall asleep in a stupor of delight at the images in my head. What I have not been able to do is get clients consistently.  (Should I even be wanting to “get clients”? If you read enough in those Spiritual Entrepreneur groups, you won’t think so. It’s almost as if getting clients is somehow nefarious and beside the point. It’s really difficult to have the time to help people, though, if you also have to work a 40 hour week and the boss gets to control your hours. What I want is to put out as much helpful material as possible and also be able to help one-on-one those women who need something more personal. It’s what I love and what I am good at. It’s what I have spent most of life learning to do.)

Perhaps this is my year. I like to think so. I have been steadily more and more successful at attracting what I want in almost every other aspect of my life, or else I have accepted that I need to leave it alone for now.  Not so with my work life. I feel the perpetual tug toward something beyond my 8-5, working-for-someone-else life. And I feel as though my dream is right around the corner, just waiting for me to notice it.

So, what’s the dream?


Ah, now that’s a good question! Here it is: I dream of lighting the way to joy for women who long for a deeper connection to themselves, their loved ones, and Source. I dream of doing that by teaching them everything I know, giving them every tool I have learned to use in my 25 years of reading, studying, practicing, and living.  I long to help them see themselves as beautiful, capable, brilliant, inherently loveable and worthy.  I long to see every woman relax into her own true self and strip away every single thing that does not serve her highest good. 

The other part of the dream is how I do that, which is the same way I stripped off my own depression and reclaim every day my own sense of loveability and worthiness: through finding and using the tools that are most helpful. For me, those are Reiki, working with the chakra system, meditation, journaling, using crystals, working with my Guides, my Higher Self, and other high vibrational Beings, and through talking with like-minded friends and teachers. I believe those same things can help everyone. I believe I can teach anyone to use them.

Where I get lost and bogged down into utter paralysis is the HOW. What do I do first? Am I just making too big a deal out of the How? Gardening is teaching me to start where I am.  Cut down the dead black-eyed susans next to the front door because driving up to my lovely home and seeing their blackened stalks every day makes me sad. So, clip, clip. Harvest tomatoes because they will rot if I don’t. Yummy salsa and tomato topping on beans and rice. Pull out the monster tomato plant because it is shading out my peppers. Out it comes.  My current dilemma stems from figuring out how to translate that to my work. Start where I am….Hence, this long and winding blog post, baring my heart and mind to the wide and wise world (wise was actually what came out when I tried to type wide… message there, I suspect.).

You might also ask what makes me so damn qualified to teach anyone anything? Yep, I have asked myself that one. But I have a great answer: What I teach has worked for me; it has worked for my husband; it has worked for friends; it is working still for all of us. And there is more that I know that you don’t yet know: the first time I tried to kill myself, I was 5 years old. in the kitchen, with a big bread knife that had a little hook on the end. That feeling never went away until 2014, when I was 40 years old. When it did, it was because I finally started actively using what I had spent over 20 years learning about. I started doing the work. And, in 3 years, I went from suicidal to full of joy, actively creating a life I want to LIVE, not die to get away from.

Even in my 8-5 day job, I have brought into my life a position where my co-workers are friends and connection with them feeds my soul in ways I never expected. But the work….the work is not what I am meant to be doing.  And we’ve circled back around to the current issue.

So, what to do? I know what I would recommend to a client.
1. Get Quiet: pull the plug on technological distractions like Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Disconnect from others so you can more clearly hear yourself.

2. Go Within: whatever your favorite form of meditation is, do that. Do it for as long as you can. Get your mind clear. And to that end…

3. Write: get out a notebook. Write at least 3 pages longhand with an actual pen whatever comes into your mind. DO NOT CENSOR! Write as fast as you can, not stopping until all 3 pages have been filled. Stream-of-consciousness writing pulls out all sorts of things you never knew were in your head.

4. If some kind of clarity is still not coming through by this point, you can either start over, talk to a trusted friend, or let it rest. Any of those options is perfectly ok. It can take more than once through this process to clear out enough of the built up junk in your brain – the clutter of to-dos, “news”, work and family obligations, and other detritus- for the good stuff to have room to come to the top.

So, here is my action plan, folks. Many, many deep bows and sincere thanks for letting me get that out there into the Ethers.  Lots of thank-you hugs and Reiki blessings for following along on my journey.




What Happens After I Agree to Work With a Goddess? 9 Suggestions for Where to Start

During last nights’s New Moon meditation, I began to wonder how to work with my new Goddess friend now that I had connected with her, and she kindly offered some suggestions. They seem useful no matter which Goddess you work with, so I wanted to share them here.  (For help connecting with your patron Goddess, or a temporary guide Goddess, please see my offering, here.)

  1. Write a letter to her introducing yourself and explaining what you hope to accomplish with her help.  She can’t help or guide you if she doesn’t know what direction you would like to go. Write it in the same spirit with which you would explain to a teach er or therapist what you hoped to accomplish by working with them.
  2. Ask her what she would like to teach you. Perhaps there is something your Higher Self wants to learn and that part of you contacted this Goddess for that specific purpose.
  3. Ask her what she would like in return. This is not a one-way street. She will want something in return for her time and effort, whether it is simple friendship and an acknowledgement of her presence and influence, or something more material, like offerings, poetry, or some other physical action. Ask in meditation, and listen for the answers.
  4. Read about her history and culture.  What pantheon is she associated with? Greek? Roman? Egyptian? Find out what her native people believed about her.
  5. Then, tune in to her in meditation and ask her if the stories are true.  You may find that they are often exaggerated or skewed to fit the prevailing attitudes of the people she is associated with.  Ask her what she wants you to know about her.
  6. Read and learn about any totem animals or other symbols she is associated with, and learn to watch for those signs.
  7. Ask her if there are other signs you can watch for to know that she is near or has her hand in the current situation.
  8. Find out if she is fond of certain crystals, or loves particular places (such as bodies of water, forests, or mountains) and incorporate those into your life, as much as possible.
  9. Figure out which chakra(s) she is associated with.  That will tell you a lot about how to work with her, what lessons are in store, and how to proceed with learning them.

Approach your new friendship exactly as you would friendship with a human, physical person… go slowly, show respect, offer the benefit of the doubt, and make every effort to understand.  These are the foundations of a healthy, vibrant relationship that will be beneficial to you both!



Connecting with the Goddess: Reiki and Akashic Records Specials

What a wonderful weekend this past one was! So much magick and synchronicity packed into just two days! One of the things that happened was a new connection with a patron Goddess, who is leading me in new directions of growth, both in my internal landscape and in my business. She (and my sweet friend, Laura) has suggested that I offer these two specials for the last part of May and the month of June.  These prices are good if paid through June 30.


Image from SageGoddess.com, my favorite place for crystals and magickal tools. 

The first is a new offering called Connecting with Your Patron Goddess.
This is for anyone who feels the desire to connect with a patron Goddess either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. I will go into the Akashic Records and request for the client that a willing Goddess most suited to her (or his) current needs and energy present herself for partnership. The session will last about an hour and will include an introduction and answers to any questions the client wishes to ask about how to work with the Goddess who comes forward.  The cost for this session is $77. 

The second is my standard distance Reiki session with chakra reading, but at a discounted price of $55.
During your distance Reiki session, I will tune in to each chakra center and relay the dream-like images I receive at each point. As well as providing extra healing at those centers which need it most, knowing what blocks you may be experiencing at each chakra center will help you focus your own energy and mindset work to maximum benefit.  This session includes an email follow-up summarizing all the information I receive.  For more information on what Reiki is and how a distance session works, please see my Reiki FAQ, here.

Please contact me at linettecchance@gmail.com for more information or to set a time for your session.

Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a relaxation and healing technique developed in Japan.

William Lee Rand, author of Reiki: The Healing Touch, and one of the most respected practitioners and researchers of Reiki, explains it like this: “Reiki is a Japanese healing technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It is done through touch. A warm and soothing energy flows from the hands into the client, promoting relaxation and releasing tension.”


How does reiki work?

The Reiki practitioner channels Universal Life energy through her hands into the energetic field of the client. This is done either by placing the hands on or close to the body of the client, or via distance healing and the use of special symbols.  The energy flows into the auric field, and heals by working from the root of the issue, outward.


Let me explain:

Our beings are made up of our physical body and our energy field, which is composed of several layers, with your physical body being the densest, and therefore most difficult to change, energy field.



When Reiki is sent to a client, it will first go to work on the lighter, more easily healed and balanced layers. It will work its way down through the layers to the physical body. Also note that if you have a physical symptom, oftentimes it has started out elsewhere in your energy field as perhaps a persistent thought, an unwanted emotion, or a spiritual longing or intuitive “hit”. Ignoring these subtler signs means that your higher self has to use other means to get your attention, and the final way it can do this is through your physical body. That’s why Reiki works first in your lighter energy fields: it is easier to correct imbalances there.


This isn’t to say that physical symptoms cannot be addressed or will take a long time with Reiki. Quite the contrary! It is simply important to know that when a physical symptom is addressed, if the underlying issues are not also addressed, the physical problem will come back. That is why it is not at all unusual to need several treatments to see more permanent improvement.


How does Reiki Distance healing work?

Distance healing is accomplished through the use of special symbols. These symbols help the practitioner use the scientific principle of Quantum Entanglement to close the gap between the practitioner and the client in time and space. The end result is that the the session can proceed exactly as it would in an in-person session, except the practitioner visualizes the process or uses a proxy (such as a stuffed animal or other object) instead of being physically present.


What the hell is Quantum Entanglement?

Quantum Entanglement is a proven scientific principle that basically states that once two particles (and humans are made of particles!) interact, they become entangled. Then, when they are separated by distance or time, an action taken upon one particle (or human) will affect the other.

This is how distance Reiki works. The interaction in this case can be virtual or physical, since thought is also energy (which is made of particles!!). When I sit down to do your distance healing session, I can use my thoughts in the form of visualization or a proxy, and the actions performed in my mind or on the proxy effect you where you are.  


So, can you use this to control me?

Absolutely not! Reiki also has its own consciousness, and it can never be used to harm someone. It simply won’t work. The energy will dissipate. Reiki comes from God (or Source or Love or the Universe). As such, it cannot be used to harm, control, or manipulate.  


Is Reiki a religion?

No, Reiki is not affiliated with any religion. It is purely energy, and is compatible with any faith based on Love. Reiki is NOT compatible with any religion or practice which seeks to harm, manipulate, coerce, or bring evil to any other living being.


What is the difference between being healed and being cured?

Curing only takes into account the physical problem.  For example, traditional Western medicine “cures” cancer by using chemotherapy and radiation to kill the cancer cells.

Healing, on the other hand, takes into account the entirety of a person: their body, their mind, their spirit, their connection with themselves and others, etc. So, to use our cancer example, energy healing can be used IN CONJUNCTION WITH Western medicine to address not only the physical manifestation of the illness, but also the emotional and spiritual causes, so that the cancer or other disease does not recur.


What is the difference between Reiki and Energy Healing?

Reiki is a form of Energy Healing, just like Salsa is a form of dancing 🙂 Other types of energy healing include Qigong, acupuncture (or acupressure), yoga, kinesiology, and Emotional Freedom Technique (or, Tapping).


What can I expect from one of your distance Reiki sessions?

Once we set up a day and time that are best for you, I will need your location and your email address. The location just needs to be city and state (or province) and country, if different from the US. I need your location because it helps me focus.

At the appointed day and time, you may be doing anything you wish. I do not recommend driving during a distance session, however!! Reiki treatments often make clients sleepy, and this could be dangerous if you are driving. Best results are achieved if you are sitting or lying quietly, meditating, sleeping, or doing some quiet activity such as reading or practicing a hobby.


While the session is in progress, you may experience any of the following: tingling, heat or cool sensations in various parts of your body, pulsing, colors, lights, or images in your mind’s eye, sleepiness, deep relaxation (the #1 most common experience!!), or falling asleep.


Once the session is over, I will either call you or email you a summary of the session, plus the chakra assessment (if you ordered that) within 24 hours. You are always, always welcome to reply with any questions or to share what you experienced! I love hearing about client experiences during a session 🙂


What is a Chakra assessment?

This is something I discovered I could do after I was attuned to Reiki energies and is not a part of the Reiki itself. However, it is easiest for me to see the chakras during a Reiki session, which is why I strongly recommend you purchase this service along with a Reiki treatment.

During the Reiki session, I can see the client’s energy centers, or chakras. I get images, colors, and other sensations that clue me in to the health and balance in each chakra. These are very much like dream images and colors, and require interpretation. I keep interpretation to a minimum, as I find that the client often knows intuitively what the images and colors mean.


What have your clients had to say about Reiki?

I’ll let them tell you!


“You have a profoundly beautiful gift Linette! This is a wonderful, resonant roadmap that you’ve given me to follow, thank you so SO much. ❤ Every last bit of this makes perfect sense and aligns with my intuition. I cannot wait to see you spread your beautiful, bright shining light and share this phenomenal, transformative experience with others! …You are AMAZING!” ~ Solara


“Ok so here are some very interesting things…first as we talked about I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around the distance work but I wanted to have a very open mind with this. When I was ready to go to sleep last night I closed my eyes and said “Ok I am ready to accept the love and healing into my body and I am open to it all.” I fell asleep almost immediately (not that far out of the norm but a little quicker). I am a terrible sleeper and struggle staying asleep and sleeping deeply. The interesting thing is that I only woke up twice but went right back to sleep and slept very soundly.”  ~ Jamie
“I had a MAJOR breakthrough last night, breaking through to my MOST authentic self as a carefree, innocent, happy child. I have not felt that in decades. I feel that in addition to the other work I have been doing, that Linette’s session helped ease the birth of that breakthrough. omg, Linette – the birth!!!! Your word! Still having aftershocks of amazement.” ~Barbara


I received the Willow package from Linette on Monday! During the hour of quiet meditation, I felt so much peace along with a cool sensation in my sacral and root chakra! I loved the detailed chakra reading from Linette Chance and loved every minute of her thoughtful explanation of each area! While experiencing a challenging situation the day of the reading I was able to feel what I was feeling instead of numbing myself for self-protection! This breakthrough has been extremely empowering and I cannot wait for another reiki reading soon! ~ Michele


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