November Specials and Kari Samuels’ Forecast

Only a few days left for November’s Specials! Sessions can be scheduled for any time, but must be paid by November 30 for the special price!


Fall has crept in and curled up on our doorsteps, bringing chilly autumn air, turning leaves, and a hint of excitement, at least for me! Today is my personal, official start to holiday decorating! For the next month, there will be an ever-changing combination of fall and winter decor going up and coming down around our new home. I am definitely the sort of person who would keep holiday decorations up at least half the year!

This month’s specials are meant to address the need for clarity in a time of year when we may be much too busy to sit and listen for it ourselves, when family togetherness may mean relating to people we may not understand or get along with, and to prepare you for whatever changes you may want to make with the new year.


Oracle Card Reading: $22

First up is a 3 card Oracle card reading using Collette Baron-Reid’s gorgeous deck, Wisdom of the Oracle. This reading is meant to offer clarity around next steps in manifesting your desires. The reading is done via email, with a photo of the cards that were drawn and my interpretation of them. This also includes one follow up email answering any questions you may have regarding the reading. This is a deck I use almost every day and have a special connection to. I always get the answers I need when I use it!


30 Minute Past Life Reading: $44

Time spent with family can often mean interacting with people who, for whatever reason, rub you the wrong way.  If there doesn’t seem to be a logical reason for this to be so, it may be due to a past life experience with that person. This reading is designed to find out if that is the case, what the situation was, and heal the past life rift so that you can move forward in the present lifetime. Moving forward can mean connecting anew,  saying goodbye peacefully, or something in between.


30 Minute Chakra Reading: $55

Working with the chakras can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. In this reading, I will connect with your energetic field and “read” each of your seven main chakras. At each chakra point, I see dreamlike images meant to show the state of the chakra, what might be blocking it, and what steps to take to begin to heal it. All that is conveyed to you in a lengthy email or phone call, if you’d prefer. (I often find that clients prefer the email version so that they can go back to it later.) This reading will give you a place to begin working with your energetic system, a snapshot of the health of that system, and ideas specific to you in terms of healing and balancing.  It includes one follow up email to answer any questions you may have (unless you prefer the phone version, in which case, I will answer your questions at that time).

As always, I can be reached via email if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule any of these specials. Prices are good if paid before November 30, 2017, but the session can be scheduled for any time you like. They can even be gifted!


Kari Samuels’ Energy Forecast

I have been posting Kari Samuels’ energy forecasts for the last several months, and I find that she is so spot on, and her advice is so very helpful. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am!

Happy November!



New Business Name and September Specials

I have been working on building my own business as a teacher of spiritual concepts, Reiki practitioner, and Akashic Records reader for a couple of years, now, with varying degrees of success. My commitment to it has been lacking, though, and so the success I really want from my business has been elusive, to say the least.

Several months ago, I began working with The Morrigan. One of the major components of that work is opening myself up to bringing my skills, knowledge and gifts to others so that they can, in turn, shine their light more brightly into the world. She has been pushing me at every turn to write, share, teach, and help. Doing so means that I must set aside my fear of exposure, of being seen, of being thought a fraud or a pretender.  She reminds me that I have spent the best part of my 43 years learning, reading, interacting with non-physical Guides, Angels, and Teachers, healing my own splintered psyche with the techniques, concepts, and practices that I want to teach to others. I’ve absorbed hundreds of books, videos, and articles, spent hours journaling, meditating, visualizing, and changing my mindset. If I am not ready now to share what I know, I will never be ready.

With that in mind, I offer my first official services under my new business name (the first name I have created specifically for it…) :

Welcome to Ananda Grove
Intuitive and Spiritual Coaching!


My first offering is a short term program created by working with several women I know personally. It is a Targeted Healing program, designed to address a specific, stubborn block that has not responded well to other healing methods. It combines chakra work, Reiki, and work in the Akashic Records in a 5 week program. Included in the program is the following:

  • 5 full, one-hour distance Reiki sessions with email follow up
  • Chakra scans included in each Reiki treatment
  • 2 Akashic Records sessions to clear any lingering past life entanglements
  • Includes past life, alternate life or other work in the Akashic Records
  • AR sessions are scheduled 1 at the beginning of the program time and 1 at a time of your choice
  • Every session – Reiki or Akashic Records – has email follow up so you have your summaries for later review
  • All sessions are conducted via email and/or phone
  • Total program time is 5 weeks
  • Total cost for 5 Reiki treatments, 2 AR sessions, 5 Chakra scans, and email support is $525.

If you would like more information about what Reiki is and how a distance session works with the chakra scan, please read my Reiki FAQ. For more information about the program or to get started, please contact me at

I also offer one-off Reiki sessions and Akashic Records sessions.

Reiki Distance Healing Sessions:
Reiki is a healing modality that helps the recipient’s own body heal itself. Distance treatments include a chakra scan and are conducted at the client’s convenience with a follow up via email detailing the images, messages, and any other pertinent information received at each chakra point. One additional follow up email is included in the cost of the session.

I only offer one-hour sessions, as the chakra scan that happens along with the treatment is difficult to restrict to less than that. The recipient does not have to be immobile for the entire session.

Distance treatments with chakra scan are $73.  If you would like to bundle treatments, please contact me for more information and pricing.

Akashic Records Sessions:
The Akashic Records are a repository of all of a person, place, animal, or situation’s thoughts, feelings, and actions across all timelines and planes of existence.  There is really no limit to what the Records can be used for. I specialize in Past Life readings, where we address a current life issue within the context of previous lifetime traumas. This offering is especially for those who have spent time doing mindset work for specific issues, with little success.

AR sessions are 30 minutes or an hour long, and conducted by phone or email. The cost is $45 for 30 minutes, and $73 for an hour.


Lastly, Reiki Level 1 Certification classes are now forming in Goshen.

Reiki I Certification Classes:

  • Classes forming now for September and October
  • Reiki level I classes cover:
    • History of Reiki
    • Reiki cleanse
    • Ethics of Reiki
    • General discussion of the nature of Reiki
    • Hand positions for treating self and others
    • Monetary exchange for treating others
    • Reiki level I attunement
    • Practice treating self and others
  • Classes are 4-5 hours long (depending on class size), and include a vegetarian lunch (or feel free to bring your own)
  • Cost is $150, with a $50 discount if paid two weeks in advance of class date

Please email me at to discuss class dates




Connecting with the Goddess: Reiki and Akashic Records Specials

What a wonderful weekend this past one was! So much magick and synchronicity packed into just two days! One of the things that happened was a new connection with a patron Goddess, who is leading me in new directions of growth, both in my internal landscape and in my business. She (and my sweet friend, Laura) has suggested that I offer these two specials for the last part of May and the month of June.  These prices are good if paid through June 30.


Image from, my favorite place for crystals and magickal tools. 

The first is a new offering called Connecting with Your Patron Goddess.
This is for anyone who feels the desire to connect with a patron Goddess either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. I will go into the Akashic Records and request for the client that a willing Goddess most suited to her (or his) current needs and energy present herself for partnership. The session will last about an hour and will include an introduction and answers to any questions the client wishes to ask about how to work with the Goddess who comes forward.  The cost for this session is $77. 

The second is my standard distance Reiki session with chakra reading, but at a discounted price of $55.
During your distance Reiki session, I will tune in to each chakra center and relay the dream-like images I receive at each point. As well as providing extra healing at those centers which need it most, knowing what blocks you may be experiencing at each chakra center will help you focus your own energy and mindset work to maximum benefit.  This session includes an email follow-up summarizing all the information I receive.  For more information on what Reiki is and how a distance session works, please see my Reiki FAQ, here.

Please contact me at for more information or to set a time for your session.

Goodbye to the Old Me

After yesterday’s post and the outpouring of love and support sent my way since I posted it, I have felt a profound shift inside myself. This song came into my head as I was thinking back over the last two years, and especially the last week. So, I wanted to take a moment and honor the woman I have been, the woman who carried my deepest soul so carefully to this new place.

An Initiation Into Remembrance

During last month’s full moon, I made a very special trip into the Akashic Records. In part, it was a celebration of completing my training to access them and interpret the information I gather there for myself and others. In part, it was to take advantage of a message from a friend of mine who shared that she had been told there was a very special portal opening with that full moon. I had received several other nudges from various places and Guides that I needed to make this special journey into the Records on that full moon night. 

So, I got my paraphernalia out and set up, got a blanket to keep me from getting cold and popping myself out of the trance I go into, made sure hubby was asleep and the house was quiet, and began.

After I had relaxed and requested and received permission to enter the Records (a usual part of my process), I let my Akashic guide, Ash, know what I was there to do. Several other helpers and Guides stepped forward and offered to help with the journey I was about to make. I was told this was to be an initiation, if I chose to accept it as such. It was unclear what I was to be initiated into, as that was to be determined by the Keepers of this particular portal. These Keepers were known as the Seven Sisters.

My main Guides for this undertaking were Metatron, with whom I often work closely, Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Uriel (also regulars in my world), the Ascended Masters Mother Mary, Jesus, and one who was unknown to me and chose to remain so, and many others who chose not to introduce themselves, but to let their presences be a shield and comfort to me.

With these preparations in place, the journey began.

I saw myself on a beach at night, with Metatron, my guide, Ash, the four Archangels I mentioned, and Mother Mary sitting around a large fire. Behind us, around us on all three land sides, were the other Beings who had chosen to come and lend their support.  The entire beach, as far as I could see in each direction, was full of beings beaming their love and support for me. I felt warm in my long, loose white garment and bare feet, and safely held in the energy surrounding me. 

The full moon filled up the horizon before us, and there was a reflection of light from the moon to where I sat, right up to the edge of the water.

Metatron reiterated that this was to be an initiation into something as yet unknown. I would be asked formally at several stages to accept or decline the invitation to proceed. There would be no repercussions if I chose to walk away at any stage, and I was permitted to ask as many questions as I liked at any time. He and Ash would be with me the whole way, as would many of the other Beings who were present on the beach. I said that I was ready to begin, and we rose and walked to the water’s edge, where the moonlight path began. 

Metatron and Ash helped me onto the path, which had solidified into a substance very much like the mineral selenite. It was milky-translucent, with a sheen just like the moonlight itself had held. I have a selenite wand in my collection, and this path looked exactly like that. My two closest Guides told me that I had to walk the path alone, but that they would be traveling a little ways behind me. I was to follow the path to its terminus.

As I walked out onto the path over the ocean, I felt fear, at first. I am afraid of the ocean, of its depths and creatures. The very thought of being  near it, let alone walking over it on this narrow path, would terrify me under normal circumstances. I could feel the wind from off the water. I could smell the salt and the unique open air scent of the ocean. Sensing my fear, Metatron and Archangel Michael, who was following further behind, sent reassurance and calm. Ash touched me on the shoulder. I calmed and the journey grew more fascinating than terrifying. 

As I walked over ever-deeper water, I began to see and sense creatures of all kinds swimming under me, near me. Some swam next to the path. Some swam under it. Some jumped and played in the water to one side or the other. I began to see dolphins, sea snakes, fish of all sizes, shapes, colors, speeds. I saw whales in great pods. I saw a creature so immense it took many long minutes for it to pass under me as I walked the path. They all seemed to be conveying their joy at my choice to be here, their love for me and my companions, and their excitement at what lay ahead for me.

Then, I reached the horizon, and the path left the earth and moved into space, the space between earth and the moon

I walked on among stars, making a journey that seemed to encompass so much more than is visible or present between just the earth and the moon. I felt the presence of many, many Beings I could not see, I felt that I absorbed the music and joy of the galaxy as it swam around me. I started to cry from so much love lavished on me. 

I reached the bright moon, feeling her warm me with her gentle embrace. I left the path into a dome-like structure that had the feel of a Temple, albeit a temporary one.

It was very bright inside, and , again, I could feel the presence of a multitude of Beings whom I could not see. I felt that all those who had been with me on the beach, were now here, in addition to many, many others. I sensed there was an inner chamber, and that this would be where I would meet the Seven Sisters and undergo my initiation. 

Metatron and Ash now stood in front of me, formally, and Metatron asked me if I accepted the initiation to come. He told me again, all that he had said on the beach about my choices and that I must verbally and energetically accept this initiation for it to happen. In his formal way, he asked three times if I accepted, and each time I said yes.

After the third time, I was led into an inner chamber, which was a bright as the outer had been. I sensed through the brightness the presence of seven beings rising from their seats to one side and coming toward me. They came to stand in front of me, arranged in a semi-circle. Metatron had already received my acceptance of the intitation, but they needed to ask once more, after explaining that this activation would cause me to Remember. I asked them what I would Remember, and why it was important. They said that this point in our history was pivotal and that Remembering would mean that I would have access to all the skills and knowledge my Soul had learned that would help me shine my light to help heal and guide this timeline in our history into the lighter, Divine Feminine energy that it needed. They said that many others were being initiated into the same Remembrance, and that part of my service at this time would be to help others who had not yet Remembered, do so.  One last time, I gave my assent to be ushered into this Sisterhood. 

The Seven Sisters then explained that they were from the Pleiades, and they showed me a mental image of their home, which, they revealed, had been my home at one time, as well. This would be important for me to know, going forward.

They asked me to lie down on the floor, and they placed their hands, palms up, on the floor with their fingertips brushing my body. I began to levitate off the floor, with their hands under me, but not touching, and I felt them begin to arrange themselves around me.

There were two at my head, two on each side, and one at my feet. I felt them clearing and energizing each chakra, emptying it of negative energy and filling it with love and clearing away the contract that I had made between lifetimes to forget what I had learned. I could hear them chanting, singing, murmuring among themselves as I floated in a state of semi-awareness. 

As each energy center was cleaned and cleared, I physically shuddered. I was very glad of the blanket I had thought to use. Colors, images, sounds, and smells rose up through my consciousness as each chakra was addressed. I had the sensation of things being re-wired, plugged in and unplugged, re-routed, optimized, and made whole and beautiful. 

Then, I could see their faces…. they looked like the grey aliens that you see on tv, but taller and more proportionate, with huge eyes and cat-like blue-grey fur. Each had unique darker grey markings: dots, swirls, curves. Inside their eyes is an energy signature, a special configuration of light, colors, and energy imprints that marks their uniqueness, like a visual energetic fingerprint. 

Seeing their true forms released a memory which was so very special to me. I had long known my husband and I shared many, many lifetimes together, our energy being uniquely suited to helping bring out the best in each other and helping each other learn whatever we needed to learn in each of those timelines. I had never been able to see where our souls first met, though. That changed when I saw those unique, beautiful eyes. I recalled our first meeting when we had worn faces so similar to these. I remembered our own markings, our own energetic galaxy-eyed faces, and tears streamed down the sides of my face, into my ears, down my neck, as I was flooded with memories of meeting, falling in love, agreeing to meet again lifetime after lifetime after lifetime. I recalled a Guide I have had for the last few years, one I called Butler because I was unable to properly pronounce his name. He looked like these beings, too. In fact, they told me that Butler is my husband’s Higher Self who often serves not only him, but me in this current life as a source of comfort and perspective.

I floated there among the Sisters for what felt like many hours. 

When they gently let me back down to the floor of the inner chamber, I felt like a different person. They gently helped me to my knees and then to my feet. They told me very clearly that I had been initiated into Remembrance and that there would be a healing and clearing time for my physical body that would last at least two weeks. I was to drink as much water as I could manage, sleep and rest as much as I felt like, and do nothing for my business, nothing in the Akashic Records other than the easiest of accessing, and ground myself as much as possible. After two weeks, I would feel significantly better, and be prepared to resume creating my business and my life, but with recollection of all I needed to know that I had learned before. I was told I would access this information in the moment I needed it, so as not to overwhelm my system, and that I should trust that the answers, knowledge, and skills I needed in any given situation would come to me. 

With much joy, and promises to be in contact on both sides, I took my leave of the Seven Sisters. Metatron and Ash rejoined me in the outer chanber, and we made the journey back to the beach from which we had started. I did not feel the need to talk, to share my experience with them, feeling that they were aware of all that had taken place. We sat near the fire that still burned on the beach for a time, transitioning gently back into the physical realm. Eventually, I took my leave of them, and returned my awareness to my body, which had grown quite cold. It took some time for my eyes to adjust, as it usually does, only longer this time. I ate a little and went to bed to rest my physical body and allow the work the Sisters had done to take hold and begin to re-make me.

It is now just about a month later, and I have been in a continual state of adjustment. It feels like every physical, emotional, and mental system is restructuring. I have noticed some changes which I can articulate, and some which I do not yet have words for. Old insecurities, fears, and other shadows bubble up as things are shifted around, and I deal with them as they arise. It has been an exhausting journey, and it is not yet quite done. I don’t know what my life will look like once this is all done. I am content, for now, with not knowing.

Some may wonder why I choose to share this intimate, intense initiation experience. Some may, in fact, wonder if I have not lost my mind. Firstly, to address the latter, reality is so much more intricate and subjective than any of us generally give it credit for. Reality is what you believe it to be. Even science has proven this with the double-slit photon experiments, wherein the observer influences the outcome. Secondly, to the former: I share this experience because I believe I am not alone in having had ones like this. I share because it is an important part of who I am and what I am meant to bring to this world. I share because it is one of the most honest, true things about me, and I have, for far too long, hidden in silence, afraid of being seen. I share so that, if you have had a beautiful, life-altering experience like this, too, you will feel less alone. I share so that, if you have not, you will know that there are beautiful, mysterious things happening all around you and they can happen to you, too, if you want them to.

And I share because, as a writer, spiritual seeker, and expanding soul, I simply must.

Muladhara, the Root Chakra

(Note:This information was originally shared as 5 separate posts in my Facebook group, Dandelion Sisterhood.)

The chakras are addressed in order from the first to the seventh, with the first being located at the base of the spine and the seventh being located about an inch above the top of the head. Today, we are focusing on the first chakra, Muladhara, also known as the root chakra.


As you can see in the image below, the root chakra is associated with the color red, and it governs all things related to home, survival, trust, and money. This includes things like how you sleep, the physical state of your home, financial issues, physical problems involving the feet, hips, legs, the large intestines, your bones and blood, and emotional issues like anger (too little or too much) and insecurity (or arrogance).


Root chakra issues develop in the very early years, though there is some debate as to exactly what ages. If your parents or caregivers gave you a sense of security, if there was always enough to eat, there was shelter, clothing, and all your basic needs were met, if they were nurturing, and you felt loved and safe, you developed a balanced, healthy root chakra. Most of us did not have that experience, though, and we developed feelings of insecurity, fear and mistrust of caregivers and authority figures and sometimes the world at large.

This is why root chakra issues can be so difficult to address: they are often subconscious beliefs, firmly seated in our psyche, and typically manifest as a core belief that we are not enough just as we are, that our safety and security is at risk. 

Sometimes, we overcompensate for a lack of security in childhood by cultivating an overactive root chakra. This may look like greed, materialism, arrogance, and excessive anger, and it is an attempt to provide ourselves with the safety and security we have felt lacking.

Muladhara and Scent

Because of its location at the base of the spine, the root chakra is our connection to Earth.  Of the physical senses, it is most strongly associated with smell, which, in turn, is directly connected to the formation of memory. Scientific studies have shown that the sense of smell is wired directly to the part of our brains called the reptilian brain: that primitive part of ourselves that reacts by instinct. It is the same center associated with our fight or flight mechanism.

Scents can be a powerful healing tool for the root chakra because of all these facts. Think of your comfort scents: vanilla, food cooking – especially garlic and onions- dirt and rain, the spicy scent of a loved one’s skin. And, if you are like most of us, there are smells you absolutely cannot tolerate because of their associations.

The infographic below lists some of the most common smells associated with the root chakra. You’ll notice these are earthy, warm smells. They can be introduced into your environment in a number of ways: essential oils can be used with a lotion or other carrier and rubbed directly on the skin, they can be used in perfume or simply dropped onto the sleeve of a shirt or jacket and sniffed throughout the day; cooking smells can be enjoyed any time you make a meal with earthy, rooted ingredients by simply taking a moment to inhale deeply and imagine the loving, healing energy flowing to the glowing red light of your 1st chakra and picturing it growing brighter and clearer; you can light scented candles or incense or sit on your porch for a moment while it rains and let the smells of wet earth and ozone wash over you. When combined with the root chakra’s signature color, red, scents can become even more powerfully healing. One of my favorite combinations is a red cable knit sweater I wear in the winter and a drop of patchouli on the collar. It makes me feel nurtured, safe, and at home wherever I go.


Have some fun experimenting with scent. See which ones evoke that cozy, safe feeling, and wear those more often. With winter coming quickly here in the Northern Hemisphere, it is easier to find those spicy smells that most epitomize those feelings. So, if you need an extra reason to indulge in cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves, this is it!


Healing the First Chakra With Food

The first three chakras deal with how we are present in the physical world, and food is an important part of that. The root chakra loves foods that have grown underground, like potatoes, carrots, and parsnips, as well as red foods and foods that contain a lot of protein and iron.

If you are actively addressing root chakra issues, try to include a root chakra food in your diet a few times a day. This can be as simple as having a handful of red grapes for a snack, some potatoes (any variety) with dinner, and maybe a glass of red wine or a cup of rooibos (red) tea before bed (it has no caffeine). Be mindful as you eat of how this food or drink will nourish and nurture your connection with the Earth. Mindfulness doesn’t have to look like eating in complete silence while doing your best imitation of a monk! A quick thank you to the Universe, and an awareness of the connection between the food or drink and your root chakra is enough to set the intention that you want what you are about to consume to bring healing and joy to this part of your energetic body.


Dance Your Way to Balance

Movement is an excellent tool for working loose root chakra issues, and the more fun and/or relaxing you can make it, the better it will work. Keep in mind that the root chakra is related to the hips, legs, knees, spine, and blood, so any movement that results in energy to these areas will be effective, whether it is walking, running, stretching, yoga, dancing, or just stomping around your house like an ogre! Also, if you can do any of these things outside, you increase their effectiveness in clearing 1st chakra imbalances.

Dancing works particularly well because of the music involved. Music is well known to have a direct, measurable effect on the body, and music with heavy drumbeats or strong rhythms is perfect for the root chakra. It echoes the sound of heartbeats (blood, womb, and early childhood associations).

Personal Favorite Tools

I am going to share two of my personal favorite tools to use in working with the base chakra: stones and affirmations.

Stones and crystals hold a power all their own. As we know, everything is energy. The same is true of stones and crystals, and some of them vibrate at frequencies particularly beneficial in healing and clearing the first chakra. My favorites are black tourmaline, smoky quartz, hematite, bloodstone, carnelian, and any reddish stones I find on the ground that give me the same, solid, grounded feeling. If I am unfamiliar with a stone, I will hold it for a few minutes, and feel into each chakra to try to sense where in my body I connect with that particular piece. That process is usually as simple as focusing on each chakra, in turn, and seeing if I can sense a change in it. If the change feels good, the new rock goes into my pocket!  This is also part of the process for how I choose a stone for the day.

I very often hold a stone in one or both hands while meditating, writing mantras or affirmations, or when I just feel the need for extra grounding. You don’t even have to do anything special, just have it near you. Jewelry works well for this purpose.

Here is one of my favorite, most powerful rituals: At the end of the day, just before sleep, I gather my notebook, pen, crystals or stones, and decide on the affirmation I want to work with. I will place the stones either on the table next to my notebook, or hold one in the my non-writing hand. I will write the chosen affirmation or mantra over and over for at least one full page, sometimes two, if it feels like I need to. Then, I go directly to sleep (or as directly as possible), with the affirmation still repeating in my mind.


Sleeping with root chakra crystals or stones in my pillow case or near my bed is not something I like to do, however, as I often experience nightmares. (Remember, the root chakra is blocked by fear and you just told it to let go of that fear. The crystals will magnify that release, and since you are going to sleep, dreams are the natural outlet. )

Experiment with what calls to you, and you will soon have your own set of root chakra balancing tools.

Integration Time (and 5 Things that Help)

The full moon and eclipse just past have thrown me for a bit of a loop, so I am taking some time to integrate, re-arrange, re-charge, and re-group.

Fall has always been the time for these things, for me, and as I get older, I find this energy intensifying. This year, all the sorting, cleaning, and spiffy-ing up seems to be happening internally, though.

As I fumble my way through the need for extra rest, a stomach bug that “mysteriously” manifested shortly after doing some major chakra clearing, miscommunications, and the consuming desire to hibernate, I am finding some things useful, which you might find useful, too:

  1. LOTS of water. Yes, I know you hear that all the time. I hear it all the time. And I usually roll my eyes while simultaneously acknowledging the absolute necessity of drinking as much water as I can hold without throwing up.  One tip: switch it out for herbal tea every so often. As long as there is no caffeine and no sugar in it (a toughie for me!), it will still help hydrate you.
  2. SLEEP. Yes, here again, I know, I know. You have shit to do. People to see. Work to slog through. Kiddos to look after. But, if you are anything at all like me, you will sneak in two hours of reading when you really should just turn out the lights and slide into blissful dreamland. Do whatever you need to do to get some extra sleep.
  3. Reiki. I am a level 2 (soon to be Master level!!) Reiki practitioner, and I could not get through all this crud without it. It really helps move the energy through so you don’t feel icky any longer than your body absolutely needs to in order to shunt out those toxins that you are releasing. If you have been attuned to Reiki, do a self treatment as often as you can manage it. If you aren’t, find someone to do a treatment for you, and prepare to feel better.
  4. Light, clean food. The last few weeks, my appetite has been shifting more and more toward the lightest, cleanest food I can find. The past few days, especially, my body has strongly indicated what it prefers by way of a heightened gag response. Fresh, organic apple? Yum, mouth waters. Frozen breakfast thingy that claims to have bacon, eggs, and potatoes? Mouth waters, sure, but as a precursor to something a lot less pleasant. Pay attention to how your body responds to the idea of eating certain things. Wisdom lies therein.
  5. Netflix (or other, non-consequential activity, like magazine reading). Listen, when you spend as much time as I do pushing yourself to be a better person, learning all the things, growing by leaps and bounds, helping, seeking, nurturing, and generally running your brain on its highest possible setting, there comes a time when it just needs to rest. So, re-watch Lost (and discover that some things you loved about it before you began this leg of your spiritual journey really annoy the shit out of you now…), cheesy alien invasion flicks, weepy dramas, or whatever feels like it would be just great fun for two hours. Or four hours. Your conscious mind will thank you for the new input (or a chance to re-evaluate old input), and your sub-conscious mind will have a chance to process all the stuff you have been pouring in there.

Yup, this is all stuff you have heard before (or most of it, anyway). Yup, it is still the most effective stuff you can do for yourself when you are burned out, at risk of fading away, or just plain need a break from life.  I know when I don’t feel my best, I really need someone to tell me what to do. So, there you go. Do these things. And feel better. If you don’t feel better right away, keep doing them. I promise, you will soon feel like your previously luminous self, but better. 🙂

My Experience with Usui Reiki

I first heard of Reiki back in the 90s as I was browsing around on some message boards on Beliefnet. Several people seemed to know it and love it, but I didn’t have any idea what it was or why I should care. It seemed like a good thing, but nothing really special.

Flash forward to 2015. I was sitting in my office at work, reading articles on Facebook about spiritual topics, and I suddenly felt overwhelmed by emotion. Gratitude, love, serenity….it all came flooding into me through the top of my head. I felt like a giant waterfall had been turned on directly over my head and I was lost in the flood. All I could do was cry and rock and hold on to the edge of my desk. Thank god I had a private office!

A friend in a Facebook group was kind enough to talk me through what felt like an unbelievably transformative experience. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and asked if I had ever had an attunement. I had no clue what that was. I went home that night and could not stop thinking about this amazing experience and how it changed the way I felt about absolutely everything in just a few moments. I started to read about Reiki, and decided to try to find a practitioner in my area.

As the Universe would have it, there was a Reiki Master/Teacher just 4 blocks from me! I emailed her and asked what I needed to do to schedule a healing attunement, not understanding that was incorrect terminology for what I wanted, which was just a Reiki treatment session. Somehow, I ended up signing up for a Reiki level 1 class just a few weeks from that time. I am not entirely sure I even knew what I was signing up for or what it meant.

Much to my surprise, my husband, usually the bigger skeptic of the two of us, said he wanted to attend the class, too. So, on August 29, 2015, we both went, and we were both attuned to Usui Reiki level 1.

[For those of you who are as in the dark as I was, allow me to explain. Everything in the universe is made of energy. Reiki is part of this energy. It is a loving, healing part of this energy, and it comes directly from God or Source or Spirit or whatever your name for the Something-Greater-Than-Us is. It is channeled through the heart chakra of the practitioner and out through his or her hands to the body or energy field of the recipient. It works by healing the energy of the recipient, working from the outmost part of the energetic field to the innermost, which is the physical body. It heals and aligns the chakras. It is incapable of doing harm or being sent where it is not wanted. The energy will dissipate if either of these intentions are present. For more information, my Reiki FAQ is available here.]

Let me tell you, there is no feeling in the world that I have experienced so far that compares to being attuned to Reiki at level 1. Not even my Waterfall Moment, as I have come to call it, compares to feeling like you can shoot laser beams out of the palms of your hands! A Reiki attunement allows you to feel the pulse of Universal Reiki energy in the palms of your hands, and to channel that energy into your own body and the bodies and energy fields of others. I felt like a freaking super hero!

I was immediately hooked, and I wanted to get my next level attunement as soon as possible. Most Reiki Master/Teachers really recommend that you wait some period of time before being attuned to level 2. You need time to practice on yourself, on your family, on anyone who will sit still for it. But, again, the Universe must have really wanted me to have this experience, because there was a level 2 class 3 weeks later, and my teacher allowed both me and my husband to sign up. So, on September 19, 2015 (the 4th anniversary of my mother’s death, as things worked out), we were attuned to level 2.

That was nearly a year ago, and I will soon be attuned to the Master/Teacher level. But, more than simply racking up accomplishments, certificates, cool energetic powers, Reiki has changed my life and my husband’s life.

For me, the changes have been mostly emotional, except for the fact that I no longer have thyroid issues. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2001 and struggled with it pretty intensely. The brain fog, exhaustion, and all the other symptoms that go along with this malfunction of the thyroid gland kept me weighed down, literally, for most of 14 years. It didn’t clear up all at once, but I could tell a steady, persistent difference, until, today, I hardly have any sign of it at all. Emotionally, childhood issues started to resolve, traumas and hurts began to heal all on their own or with minimal work on my part. I began to feel more in tune with my body, and I began to develop a closer relationship with both God/Spirit/Source and with my husband.

The changes in him were astounding. He stopped smoking. Later, he stopped drinking. He lost weight. His anxiety, a lifelong plague and the most severe anxiety I have ever witnessed in person, reduced to the point where he was able to sleep up to 8 hours a night: a huge change from the ragged 3-4 hours he was used to. We grew closer and closer. All of this within just a year’s time.

Last fall, I began to take on Reiki clients professionally. It was so thrilling and gratifying to me to be able to help people I couldn’t even be in the same room with! (Reiki level 2 includes special symbols that allow the practitioner to be able to send the energy long distances.) Friends and clients were amazed that they could feel the change in energy, and they were excited by how relaxed they felt after a session. I finally felt like I had a glimpse of my true calling here on Earth, in this lifetime. Reiki is a part of my purpose as a healer here, now.

Reiki changed my life and continues to change me in both profound and mundane ways. Headache? Reiki it. Backache? Reiki it. Get a deep cut at work? Bandage it, and then Reiki it. Bad dream? Reiki it. Instead of praying over my food, I Reiki it. I send Reiki ahead of my car while traveling to keep the road ahead safe and clear. I Reiki my home and office to keep out unwanted energy. I Reiki my blog posts and my Facebook posts with the intention that each person who reads them feels blessed and a little better. There is literally nothing Reiki cannot help with.

From my first encounter with Reiki to this day, I tell everyone I know that if you have even the tiniest bit of interest in it, get attuned to level 1. It will change your life, too.


Special Reiki Offering

Sometimes, we need a little something extra to boost us through some turbulent times.
With that in mind, I am offering a Reiki special from now through the end of October…A Reiki 3 pack of sessions with one free chakra assessment and one free Tarot reading.

You can use this in a couple of ways:
~If there is something specific you have been struggling with, we can do the Tarot reading and the chakra assessment to help you get some clarity. We can then focus the three Reiki sessions on helping clear out any junk that is blocking your path
~You can use the Reiki sessions as stand-alone sessions, to be scheduled when you need the extra relaxation or healing. The chakra assessment would be done as part of one of those Reiki sessions, but the Tarot reading could also be done as a stand-alone session.
~You can give the gift of healing and insight to friend or loved one

If you are unsure what Reiki is or how it can benefit you, you can find my Reiki FAQ here.
There is also a brief explanation of a what a chakra assessment is.

The price for this special is $111, a 50% discount over my usual rate.  It must be paid by October 31, but you can schedule the sessions for any time you like. For example, if you typically need more energetic support around the holidays, that would be a great way to make sure you get it!

For any other questions, or to purchase your package, please email me at

Teal Swan and Evette Rose on the Metaphysical Root Causes of Physical Ailments

An excellent and fascinating interview with Teal Swan, author of The Completion Process, and Evette Rose, author of The Metaphysical Anatomy, by Janneke from Wisdom of North.
Both authors believe that healing of chronic physical ailments cannot happen without addressing the root causes in the person’s energy field, and they have each developed unique processes for doing this.

This is a long video, but well worth watching to the end.