Kari Samuels’ 2018 Forecast

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a safe, happy, and restful holiday. I certainly did, spending most of it together with my husband curled up in the warmth of our cozy home. It was a deeply restorative time for us, full of reflections on 2017 and daydreaming about 2018.

To help us best work with the flow of 2018’s energies, we turned to Kari Samuels, whose forecasts I regularly share here on this blog. She published her 2018 forecast just in time for our purposes, and I am sharing it here with you so that you are aware of some of the major themes for this year.

I hope you find it as useful as we did!


Unfiltered Thoughts on Creating the Business You Want

Hi, Everybody. Not long ago, I announced that I was re-launching my business under a new name. But, I have a confession to make: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to creating a business.

I have made a couple of attempts. I have read mountains of literature, joined Facebook groups dedicated to Spiritual Entrepreneurs, talked endlessly with my husband and a few select friends about my doubts and misgivings, my hopes, and my ultimate dreams. Written pages and pages about what my ideal work day looks like. Visualized until I fall asleep in a stupor of delight at the images in my head. What I have not been able to do is get clients consistently.  (Should I even be wanting to “get clients”? If you read enough in those Spiritual Entrepreneur groups, you won’t think so. It’s almost as if getting clients is somehow nefarious and beside the point. It’s really difficult to have the time to help people, though, if you also have to work a 40 hour week and the boss gets to control your hours. What I want is to put out as much helpful material as possible and also be able to help one-on-one those women who need something more personal. It’s what I love and what I am good at. It’s what I have spent most of life learning to do.)

Perhaps this is my year. I like to think so. I have been steadily more and more successful at attracting what I want in almost every other aspect of my life, or else I have accepted that I need to leave it alone for now.  Not so with my work life. I feel the perpetual tug toward something beyond my 8-5, working-for-someone-else life. And I feel as though my dream is right around the corner, just waiting for me to notice it.

So, what’s the dream?


Ah, now that’s a good question! Here it is: I dream of lighting the way to joy for women who long for a deeper connection to themselves, their loved ones, and Source. I dream of doing that by teaching them everything I know, giving them every tool I have learned to use in my 25 years of reading, studying, practicing, and living.  I long to help them see themselves as beautiful, capable, brilliant, inherently loveable and worthy.  I long to see every woman relax into her own true self and strip away every single thing that does not serve her highest good. 

The other part of the dream is how I do that, which is the same way I stripped off my own depression and reclaim every day my own sense of loveability and worthiness: through finding and using the tools that are most helpful. For me, those are Reiki, working with the chakra system, meditation, journaling, using crystals, working with my Guides, my Higher Self, and other high vibrational Beings, and through talking with like-minded friends and teachers. I believe those same things can help everyone. I believe I can teach anyone to use them.

Where I get lost and bogged down into utter paralysis is the HOW. What do I do first? Am I just making too big a deal out of the How? Gardening is teaching me to start where I am.  Cut down the dead black-eyed susans next to the front door because driving up to my lovely home and seeing their blackened stalks every day makes me sad. So, clip, clip. Harvest tomatoes because they will rot if I don’t. Yummy salsa and tomato topping on beans and rice. Pull out the monster tomato plant because it is shading out my peppers. Out it comes.  My current dilemma stems from figuring out how to translate that to my work. Start where I am….Hence, this long and winding blog post, baring my heart and mind to the wide and wise world (wise was actually what came out when I tried to type wide… message there, I suspect.).

You might also ask what makes me so damn qualified to teach anyone anything? Yep, I have asked myself that one. But I have a great answer: What I teach has worked for me; it has worked for my husband; it has worked for friends; it is working still for all of us. And there is more that I know that you don’t yet know: the first time I tried to kill myself, I was 5 years old. in the kitchen, with a big bread knife that had a little hook on the end. That feeling never went away until 2014, when I was 40 years old. When it did, it was because I finally started actively using what I had spent over 20 years learning about. I started doing the work. And, in 3 years, I went from suicidal to full of joy, actively creating a life I want to LIVE, not die to get away from.

Even in my 8-5 day job, I have brought into my life a position where my co-workers are friends and connection with them feeds my soul in ways I never expected. But the work….the work is not what I am meant to be doing.  And we’ve circled back around to the current issue.

So, what to do? I know what I would recommend to a client.
1. Get Quiet: pull the plug on technological distractions like Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Disconnect from others so you can more clearly hear yourself.

2. Go Within: whatever your favorite form of meditation is, do that. Do it for as long as you can. Get your mind clear. And to that end…

3. Write: get out a notebook. Write at least 3 pages longhand with an actual pen whatever comes into your mind. DO NOT CENSOR! Write as fast as you can, not stopping until all 3 pages have been filled. Stream-of-consciousness writing pulls out all sorts of things you never knew were in your head.

4. If some kind of clarity is still not coming through by this point, you can either start over, talk to a trusted friend, or let it rest. Any of those options is perfectly ok. It can take more than once through this process to clear out enough of the built up junk in your brain – the clutter of to-dos, “news”, work and family obligations, and other detritus- for the good stuff to have room to come to the top.

So, here is my action plan, folks. Many, many deep bows and sincere thanks for letting me get that out there into the Ethers.  Lots of thank-you hugs and Reiki blessings for following along on my journey.



Kari Samuels’ September Forecast

With seeming lighting speed, summer is transitioning in to fall, my absolute favorite season, and we are on the brink of September. I look forward every month to Kari’s forecast, as she seems to have such a sweet and gentle way of letting us know which energies are doing what, and such helpful advice for how to work with them.

I have not yet watched this one, but I know it’s just chock full of goodness.  I hope your last few days of August are glorious, and wish you a magnificent September!

Hello, August! and, Kari Samuels’ Monthly Forecast

Here we are looking toward Autumn from the late summer glory of August. July was a challenging month for many, including me, what with Jason’s knee injury, getting settled into our new home, and adjusting to the massive energy uplevel that came with the move. I’m looking forward to August being a time of continued integration of new, higher frequencies, gardening, and breathing life into my infant business (more on that later).

I look forward every month to Kari Samuels’ forecast, in which she blends astrology, numerology, tarot, and spiritual guidance. I am sharing her forecast for August here, and it looks to be a time of intense clearing and seed-planting.

That’s all I’ve got for today. Enjoy the video!

Unfiltered Thoughts on Creating Your Reality

Creating your own reality does not mean that you decide what you want, imagine every detail, wave your magic wand, and BANG! You wake up to the world you created, whole and complete.

At least it doesn’t mean that for me. And I suspect it doesn’t mean that for a lot…dare I say, most….people.

Instead, creating your own reality really happens in the small choices you make every day, moment to moment, about what you will and won’t believe, what you will and won’t give your attention and focus to, what you will and won’t allow into your life.

A shift happened inside me at some point in the last two years. I decided to just believe whatever I want to. A big, ole F you to anyone who thought I was nuts, stupid, gullible, or childish. I had long been drawn to “magickal” things and ideas…energy manipulation, manifestation, moving sideways along alternate realities, faeries, tree beings, and on and on. I was afraid to surrender to what I feared some would view as a child-like indulgence of imagination, especially since I was heavily invested in being the smart, studious girl I had earned a reputation for being. Smart girls and faeries did not go together in my world. But, little by little, I began to see that I could re-write the story of myself. I wasn’t stuck being the character I had created for myself. Just like a figure in a story, I could erase parts and change them. So, that’s what I have been doing.

It all really started with learning to accept certain things about myself, and peel away things that I had taken on, but that no longer suited me. For example, I have always loved knowing how things work. It’s a near-biological need to understand why this happens when I pull, push, twist, or throw that. That part of me has helped me begin to understand how to get what I want, how to manipulate the laws that govern our physical plane to move myself in the direction I want to go. For me, it is truly no different from understanding why my car goes when I push on the gas pedal (although some things are more important for me to retain than others…lol) Accepting my need to understand meant that I could strip away my feelings of nosiness, guilt, even shame, for probing into things that some considered none of my business, or that led me to information that was not always backed up by scientific research.  I do dearly love research, but I found that only accepting things that had a scientific backing no longer served me. So I let it go.

The work of accepting myself and stripping away things that are not myself led to moments of being allowed to glimpse the Mystery. I had what I have since called a Waterfall moment, when it felt like my head opened up and pure loving energy flowed in. The experience last for about 15 minutes, and it changed me. I started to see things out of the corner of my eye. I found Reiki and my friend Laura, who has mentored me and loved me as friend, sister, and child for lifetimes. I began to hear music in the still dark. I began to notice things about others that were different from my memory of them.  I began to find that if I sent loving energy to someone who was being rude or mean to me, they often came back either entirely changed or changed toward me. And I began to believe my eyes and ears and intuition.

In each moment that I see, hear, or sense something that is outside the norm, I find that I have a split-second decision to make: do I trust this or do I not trust this. Do I accept this as real or do I not accept this as real. It comes down to an almost subconscious choice to trust myself and the Universe.  But I can make that choice because I did all the other work, all the small, slow steps leading up to this. The Veil is parting wider for me because I chose each time the opportunity presented itself to look to the other side and not turn my back. When I heard the voice and felt the waves of energy from my Tree friends, I opened my heart and hugged them with my arms, even though I felt silly the first few times and wondered if I was losing my mind. I did not turn my back on Them and pretend I didn’t hear. And the first time I felt that an animal had a message for me, I accepted it for truth and went about trying to figure out what the message was. And when I saw a flit of iridescent wings and an echo of giggles, I stood in wonder and thanks for the gift of having seen my first faery since childhood. For every new Mystery glimpsed, I offer thanks, and I refuse to turn my back any more. This is how I create my reality. This is how you will create your reality, too.

Acknowledge what you want. Devote your attention to looking for the things you want. Be aware of what is reality for others, for it could impact you, too, especially in the beginning, but do not allow yourself to be drawn into their version of what is true. It’s like being aware that there are other tv channels playing other things, but since you don’t want to watch those other channels, they cease to mean anything significant to you.

You will find whatever you look for. I promise.

Shared from Seth Godin, “It’s Not My Problem”

I get Seth Godin’s daily blog post in my email each morning. This morning’s piece wanted to be shared around. 


“It’s not my problem”

But what if it was?

What if the apparently intractable cultural issues that you take for granted were instead seen as problems on your desk, things you could influence?

What if the rules others take for granted are seen by you and your team as standards you can change?

What if we take the responsibility instead of waiting for it to be offered?




Made me think.

Staying in Your Own Lane, and Kari Samuels’ May Energy Forecast

Have you ever noticed that when you’re driving, if you look in any direction other than straight ahead, you start to veer in that direction?

The same holds true in your daily life. I’ve noticed that when I start to watch more news, read more articles or blogs or whatever about how awful the world is, and how everyone in it is doomed! doomed! doomed!, the more I start to actually feel that that’s true.  On the other hand, if I filter my Facebook newsfeed to only include positive stories, uplifting stories, I begin to feel that the world is a miraculous and wonderful place, and that good things are waiting around every corner for me. And, since I WANT to feel that good things are raining from the sky just for me, and I have almost total control over what I see, read, and watch, I can feel good about life most of the time.

Staying in one’s own lane means focusing on what’s in front of you and not being distracted by things that are not relevant to your life or beliefs.  It doesn’t mean there isn’t any other traffic, only that for your own safety and well-being, eyes front is the way to go.  It also doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to make things better, only that the way to do that is to come back to the micro level – your own life – in order to effect the most profound change.

For example, I saw on the news a few days ago a story about a 15-year-old black boy who was shot leaving a party by a police office, for no apparent reason. The first thing I felt was a sense of total hopelessness and anger. How in the world could we ever change how that particular storyline is going?

I was thinking too big, though, and not staying in my lane! In my lane, I treat every person kindly, regardless of their skin color, sex, age, or any other external factor over which that person has no control. Staying in my lane means that I smile at the white grocery store cashier and at the black girl stocking shelves in the back of the store, at the little girl carrying some flowers she just bought with her own money and at her harried-looking mother who stubbornly refuses to smile back. THIS is how we effect change on a large scale…all of us deciding to stay in our lane and make decisions on how to treat ourselves and the other people in our day-to-day lives.  No law or policy change is going to accomplish what we can do individually to immediately change our lives and those around us.


On another note, after April’s turbulent energy, it was refreshing to watch Kari Samuels’ forecast for May.  I am a huge fan of numerology, and Kari makes it fun and easy, combining numerology and astrology for a well-rounded, uplifting message every month.

So, watch Kari, and remember to stay in your lane!



Thoughts in Progress – March 8, 2017


What if masculine and feminine were not opposite ends of the spectrum? What if they are two entirely different spectra, both capable of becoming completely unbalanced?

And what if every person born was a unique combination of both feminine and masculine energy? One could be 40% feminine and 60% masculine, with both percentages falling somewhere within the spectrum of masculine and feminine energetic expression.

Would it make understanding this easier if I chose to call the energies projective and receptive instead of masculine and feminine?


Portals of Possibility

I woke up this morning remembering that within chaos lies a world of possibility, and that we create our reality through our expectations and our observation.  What that means to me is that, although things may seem completely bonkers right now, within that whirlwind lies all the things I have ever wanted, if I only look for the life I want.

Being the Pinterest lover that I am, these early morning musings naturally brought me to the very first Pinterest board I ever created, called Possibilities.  It is full of images of doors and portals that I imagine might take me somewhere fascinating and beautiful. I’d like to share them with you, so that you can let your imagination take you somewhere fascinating and beautiful, too.


First, there is this door…cool stone at your feet, warmed by the sun at the threshold. A solid, sturdy door with barely a nod at decoration, and beyond, glorious mountains lit with afternoon light. If you stepped out into that grassy dooryard, what might you see?



Or, perhaps this portal is more to your liking. I imagine the threshold is damp from the sea air. I think of the hands that might have placed those stones in the door arch, and the workman who might have cut the door to fit the opening. What might I smell from this perch above the water? If there is a boat at the bottom of that suggestion of stairs, where might it take me?



What hides behind the iron work of this door?  What are the carvings in the bolt…are they purely decoration or is there some meaning in them? The door is both beautiful and highly functional, seeming to serve as protection to someone who has the money to spend on all those iron coils. How might I feel if I wanted to gain admittance through it? How might I feel if I wanted to escape through it?



This one is a favorite. I can imagine coming home to this door, the warm purple leaves of that vine to greet me. The clean, white facade feels soothing; the solid dark grey door with its hint of beauty  displayed through the door knocker feels elegant – mysterious, even. I imagine I might feel like a French lady, living a simple, single life of quiet, understated pleasures behind this door.



And how very different I might feel living behind this one! The colors alone make me swoon…If I lived with this door, might I wear white, just to avoid competing with it? Would I feel like the sun always shone on me and the sea was never far away?



The last one I want to share is another favorite…quite possibly the top favorite. I dream that it leads me to a world that is cool and quiet sometimes, warm and alive with music other times, peaceful. And certainly magical. A world where I can walk alone, nap under a tree, read next to a sun-soaked river and then join my friends, my loved ones, for music and dancing and laughter and food. Where I am understood and loved. Where I understand and love others. This is the one I watch for in that whirlwind. This is the world I manage my expectations to reach.



What possibilities are you expecting? What lies beyond this door for you?

Finding Comfort in the Wisdom of Joanna Macy

Many of you will already be familiar with the work of Joanna Macy. Indeed, I have run across her name many times while reading my friend Laura’s blog (You can read it here.)

Yesterday, while browsing a new video subscription site called Gaia.com, I encountered a video of Ms Macy discussing what she calls The Great Turning. Because it is a paid site, I can’t link to the video here, but I am linking to her website regarding the subject at the end of this post.

The Great Turning is the name she has given to the range of events and paradigm shifts we are collectively undergoing right now. I had been feeling pretty upset and confused about what I ought to do to help, how to contribute to the change. I felt that I have my own role to play, but I was also wondering if not taking on an activist-type role was hiding on my part or something else. Even though I had written a post not long ago about finding my place, it seemed like this was an altogether different thing. Was I shirking my duty as a citizen of the Earth by not marching or calling my congressmen or posting and reposting every scary and outrageous thing that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed? Was I participating in spiritual bypassing, as some of my online friends suggested that some of us were?

In watching Joanna’s video talk on The Great Turning and its three dimensions, I began to feel aligned again. I began to remember the epiphany I had experienced around my place in the world and my mission here, and I began to understand the specifics of what my mission entails. This morning, I consulted my Council (my Guides, Angels, and others upon whom I rely for guidance), and they told me to focus on what I am already focusing on: learning to deeply and completely love myself and teaching others to do the same. I can be part of the shift in perspective and values that Joanna addresses in the third dimension of the Turning by spreading this message and teaching this shift.  For how can we call the Goddess back to the Earth if we do not love Her and the aspect of Her we find in ourselves?

I wanted to share with all of you Joanna Macy’s website regarding The Great Turning. It has been a wealth of knowledge, clarity and comfort for me, and I hope it will be for you, too.