November Specials and Kari Samuels’ Forecast

The Library of Luminous Enchantments

Only a few days left for November’s Specials! Sessions can be scheduled for any time, but must be paid by November 30 for the special price!

Fall has crept in and curled up on our doorsteps, bringing chilly autumn air, turning leaves, and a hint of excitement, at least for me! Today is my personal, official start to holiday decorating! For the next month, there will be an ever-changing combination of fall and winter decor going up and coming down around our new home. I am definitely the sort of person who would keep holiday decorations up at least half the year!

This month’s specials are meant to address the need for clarity in a time of year when we may be much too busy to sit and listen for it ourselves, when family togetherness may mean relating to people we may not understand or get along with, and to…

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The storied days

A perfect expression of how I am also feeling these days. Fall always stirs me to more passionate, creative life, and this year is no different. In fact, I believe that stirring may be stronger than any I have felt in many years. Thank you to the lyrical Dr Sharon Blackie for this stunningly beautiful post ❤

The Art of Enchantment

There is something about the all-too-fleeting days between Samhain and Winter Solstice. Something about the sudden sharp shock of early-morning air, about the mists rising from the surface of a thousand scattered Connemara lochs. The bog grasses have transformed themselves from a tired green to a rich russet red, and the great black clouds pile in from the mountains to the north, smothering skies that are all shot through with rainbows.

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Let Play Time Commence!

Somewhere along in my 43 years, I totally forgot how to play and also how important and FUN! it is. I have been getting the message for quite some time that play is essential to my further growth. It has been a little bit unnatural for me, but I think I am starting to get the hang of it a little, and I wanted to share my experiences so far, just in case it might help inspire someone else.

Fun Time, Step One:
Last month, I had a Faery reading from my lovely friend, Laura Bruno, in which she relayed that the Faeries wished I would play more, and that it was essential to healing for both me and my husband. In the same reading, they recommended I activate the Faery Referral Network (explained in a couple of Laura’s posts, one of which you can find here.), which I did, not knowing exactly how that would work, but remaining open to the wonder of it all. I began to do small things that I thought the Faeries would like: adding little stone pathways to their set up in my enclosed porch, as well as tiny Christmas trees, playing music more often, and allowing my inner little girl to come out and slide around in her fuzzy socks on our gloriously slippery wood floors.  I also began talking to them in a nonchalant sort of way.

Then, last weekend, in passing, I mentioned to Jason that I would love to have the board game Clue. We had been discussing games and which ones we like, which ones we have, and what other kinds of games we would like to try. We both agreed that we love Clue, and decided to keep an eye out for it, as it often goes on sale around the holidays.  This conversation happened on Sunday, I believe. Monday morning, I came to work, and one of the salesmen here had brought in some things which his wife wanted to find new homes for. Lo and behold! There, sat a game of Clue! Thanks, Faery Referral Network!

Fun Time, Step Two:
For several weeks, a few friends at work had been talking about getting an office pet. We discussed several kinds of pet, but finally decided a fish might be nice. One friend already had several betta fish, and recommended them. Now, I am really not a fish person. I usually like a pet that I can, well, pet. But, first one person brought in a fish, then another person…and I LOVED them! I decided over the weekend to join the club and get a fish of my own. Let me tell you, if you have never really looked at the fish for sale in a large box store, you will want to brace yourself for the experience. I was nearly in tears at how sad and depressed they looked, how tiny their little bowls were, and how dirty they were. It took a moment to gather myself, but when I did, I spotted the lovely little one below.


Leonardo da Vinci all flared out in his new home.

Let me tell you something: I was absolutely wrong about how much I would love this little fish! The connection was instant and very strong, unlike anything I had ever experienced before. I know this little guy is in my life to teach me things, but honestly, I don’t even care what it is! (Soooo deeply unlike me, with my constant, insatiable need to know the hows, whys, and wherefores…) It came to me as I was carrying him out of the store and into his new life that his name should be Leonardo da Vinci. And so it is!

Fun Time, Step Three:
For a few of the last several years, I could not bear the sound of most music. For most of my life, I have loved music. I sang in a choir from the time I was 14 right through high school, often performing as a solo part of the choir and competing in solo competitions. But a few years ago, I realized listening to the radio made me feel irritable, contracted, sometimes even angry. I stopped listening to any music at all. Lately, though, I have missed it and felt the need to add music back to my life. I still find it hard to tolerate music with lyrics, so I started by finding pieces I liked on Pandora, and searching out more by the same artist. One of the artists I ran across was Lindsay Stirling, a brilliant violinist who dances while she plays! She is also appearing right now in Dancing With the Stars, one of my very, very favorite television shows, and one of the only ones I watch. Woohoo! Double score for Fun Time! I have been devouring all the videos of her dancing, playing, anything, really, and I wanted to share one with you:

In this video, Lindsay and Derek Hough (one of my favorite dancers from DWTS) dance a mesmerizing Argentine Tango. The video also has overtones of some of the spiritual concepts I hold most dear and useful. I wonder if you see them when you watch, too 🙂

With so much encouragement from the Universe and my new Faery friends, I am finding it easier and easier to let myself relax into some play time each day.  Here is a last bit of encouragement from another Faery friend, Tania Marie. She just posted a lovely collection of quotes and photos all centered around play.

Have Fun, my friends!




When Chaos Knocks, Answer With Love

This piece popped up in my Facebook memories this morning, and it seemed like a good time to re-share it.  It’s been a year since the election that shook the country, and our call to action is louder than ever. 

This morning, the shock is echoing around the world. Things feel dangerous, chaotic, shaky, seismic. People are afraid, grief-stricken, stunned, speechless. 

But, consider this:

My friend, Laura, has said many times that the greatest change comes out of chaos.

Chaos holds all possibilities.

And the energy on Planet Earth right now is one of polarization, uncovering secrets, and shining light into the dark corners. We are witnessing the manifestation of this on a global scale. Our beloved Gaia is letting us know, as loudly and clearly as She can, that things cannot continue on in the way they have been.


Think about how our emotions manifest as physical pain. We know we need to leave the soul-sucking job and move in the direction of our dreams, yet we do nothing. Our energetic bodies react first by making us angry, irritable, and out of sorts. Yet we continue. Our bodies then start to get in on the messaging with aches that are out of proportion, pains that have no apparent root, we get sick more often and it takes longer to get well. Yet, we still ignore the knowing inside us. Finally, our bodies break down, refusing to work another day, walk another step, lift another box or pen or telephone receiver. We cannot, physically continue in the job that shrivels our soul. Our body has forced us to stop, notice, take action. There is no other choice.

That is where we are as citizens of the US, and, truly, the world.

Our collective energy has finally given us an unmistakable sign to wake up, embrace the love and change and peace we say we espouse, defend those more helpless than us, rise up in righteous anger to say, “No! We will not stand for this!”  We can no longer sit passively by, not stepping fully into our Divine selves, fearing judgement or ridicule or failure. Our failure is in not standing by our principles. We don’t need the President to give us permission to do this, or do it for us. We do this in the small moments of our every day, in each interaction.

When we choose love, compassion, and peace over division, hatred and violence, we are taking action to stop the descent and turn it around. 

More than ever before, the Earth needs you to uncover your Light. Shine it on the people you encounter at the grocery store, both the guy whose minivan is covered in anti-everyone-but-white-men stickers and the Hispanic family who stands too close to you in line. Shine it on your friends and loved ones, but also on the coworker who tells sexist jokes in the breakroom (and take appropriate boundary-setting actions). Shine it on the people who agree with you and those who don’t. Shine it on your leaders, your bosses, the salespeople, the drivers who are on the road with you. Shine it on everyone you meet, everyone you see, everyone in the world.  The Field of Infinite Possibilities that is the chaos we see right now will react by manifesting the loving, peaceful world we want.

We need the catalyst that is the election of a man so many people despise. We needed him to be elected. We needed this wake up call to change. Would we have felt so angry, so ready to fight for the people who have been targeted in this man’s rhetoric, if he had not been elected? or would it have been business -slow, bigoted, painful business- as usual? Nothing has changed in this country with the election of Donald Trump. Things have only been outlined in neon, flashing yellow, things that were already truths of this country.  Nothing is new. It is only out in the open now. And you cannot change where you’re going until you know where you are.

Now, we know where we are. We know where we stand. And it has never been more true that we need, each of us, to find in ourselves the love, beauty, and peace we want to see in the world. Become that which you most desire. Embody those ideals you hold most dear. Your doing so will cause untold ripples in the fabric of the Universe, touching those who are still afraid, those almost ready to stand up, step up into their power as loving human beings. People learn best by example, and we long for good ones to follow. So, be that example. Show your friends and neighbors what it means to be kind, loving, compassionate, and protective. Show them what it looks like to set clear boundaries, with love, respect, and an unshakable sense of self-worth.

That will be the legacy of Mr. Trumps presidency: a country full of people who know their own worth, who stand together to defend that worth and the planet we love. A country full of men and women who will not stand for racism, sexism, divisionism, or anything that smacks of values other than love, acceptance, compassion, and peace.

We do not have to follow a bad example. We are leaders of ourselves. The power is ours to create the world we want with every interaction. 

November Specials and Kari Samuels’ Forecast

Only a few days left for November’s Specials! Sessions can be scheduled for any time, but must be paid by November 30 for the special price!


Fall has crept in and curled up on our doorsteps, bringing chilly autumn air, turning leaves, and a hint of excitement, at least for me! Today is my personal, official start to holiday decorating! For the next month, there will be an ever-changing combination of fall and winter decor going up and coming down around our new home. I am definitely the sort of person who would keep holiday decorations up at least half the year!

This month’s specials are meant to address the need for clarity in a time of year when we may be much too busy to sit and listen for it ourselves, when family togetherness may mean relating to people we may not understand or get along with, and to prepare you for whatever changes you may want to make with the new year.


Oracle Card Reading: $22

First up is a 3 card Oracle card reading using Collette Baron-Reid’s gorgeous deck, Wisdom of the Oracle. This reading is meant to offer clarity around next steps in manifesting your desires. The reading is done via email, with a photo of the cards that were drawn and my interpretation of them. This also includes one follow up email answering any questions you may have regarding the reading. This is a deck I use almost every day and have a special connection to. I always get the answers I need when I use it!


30 Minute Past Life Reading: $44

Time spent with family can often mean interacting with people who, for whatever reason, rub you the wrong way.  If there doesn’t seem to be a logical reason for this to be so, it may be due to a past life experience with that person. This reading is designed to find out if that is the case, what the situation was, and heal the past life rift so that you can move forward in the present lifetime. Moving forward can mean connecting anew,  saying goodbye peacefully, or something in between.


30 Minute Chakra Reading: $55

Working with the chakras can be confusing if you don’t know where to start. In this reading, I will connect with your energetic field and “read” each of your seven main chakras. At each chakra point, I see dreamlike images meant to show the state of the chakra, what might be blocking it, and what steps to take to begin to heal it. All that is conveyed to you in a lengthy email or phone call, if you’d prefer. (I often find that clients prefer the email version so that they can go back to it later.) This reading will give you a place to begin working with your energetic system, a snapshot of the health of that system, and ideas specific to you in terms of healing and balancing.  It includes one follow up email to answer any questions you may have (unless you prefer the phone version, in which case, I will answer your questions at that time).

As always, I can be reached via email if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule any of these specials. Prices are good if paid before November 30, 2017, but the session can be scheduled for any time you like. They can even be gifted!


Kari Samuels’ Energy Forecast

I have been posting Kari Samuels’ energy forecasts for the last several months, and I find that she is so spot on, and her advice is so very helpful. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I am!

Happy November!


There’s never a need for Plan B

I love Pam Grout’s simple, clear explanations! If you are setting intentions right and left and not seeing anything manifest for you, try her suggestion to stop focusing on what you don’t have (yet) and start focusing on all the fun and joy and beautiful things you DO have. Before long, Presto!! Your intention “manifests” without any seeming effort on your part!

Pam Grout

“The second I decide something is done, it’s done. I just have to wait for all y’all to see it.”—Will Smith

Or in many of our cases, we have to wait for ourselves to see it. The minute we make any intention, it’s real, it’s a viable creation. But until we can feel it and actually “be it,” our intention stays on a vibrational plane that’s out of our sight.

Making intentions isn’t the problem. What you’ve been intending is already present. It’s just that you and me and everybody else is stubborn enough that we keep staring at its lack. Until we can catch up vibrationally, we are unable to see and enjoy our fabulous creations.

As Esther Hicks likes to say, “We’ve already created enough joy and happiness for 20 or 30 lifetimes.”

I hope this is a comforting thought. That our only responsibility is to get ourselves…

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More Tips for Connecting with the Faeries

This is Part II to the excellent post from Laura Bruno that I shared yesterday. Happy Faery Friending!

Laura Bruno's Blog

This is a follow-up post to my earlier Quick Tips for Interacting with Faeries. Today’s post goes more in-depth and answers some questions and concerns readers, clients and local people have raised in the past nine months. If you’ve not read the previous post, you might want to glance through it, since it covers the three Faery Rules: “No Rudeness,” “Respect, Not Control,” and “A Person’s Word is Bond.” Today’s post assumes at least a basic understanding of these rules.

How do I know what a faery considers “rude,” and what happens if I accidentally offend a faery?

At its most basic, “rudeness” means failing to show good manners. Ask before you take. If you wish to form (and maintain) a friendship with a faery, approach them kindly and with respect for differences in culture and expectations. If you need a favor, then don’t expect or demand it for…

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Quick Tips for Interacting with Faeries

Moving into our new home this summer opened the doors to working with the Fae, as well! So far, things seem to be going well in establishing a friendly relationship, and that’s thanks in large part to this post from my sweet friend, Laura.
There is a Part II to this subject from Laura, which I will reblog tomorrow.
I hope you enjoy them and find them as useful as I have!

Laura Bruno's Blog

I just returned from a book group during which people had questions about connecting with the Faery Realm. Since many people ask similar questions, I thought I’d share just a few tips here. Please bear in mind that this is not a comprehensive list!

1. Do you see them with your eyes? How can I see them with my own eyes?

Yes, sometimes I do see them with my physical eyes, but it is much more common for me — and many, many others, including prolific faery authors and people who’ve worked with faeries for decades — to recognize faeries with the inner eye. If you try too hard to focus with the outer eyes, then even the little glimpses you do catch often fade in an instant.

It is worth keeping in mind that:

a) Many faeries are extremely private and do not wish to be seen. Faery Lore…

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Art for Rabbits ~ 10% Sale on Holiday & Any Day Gift Ideas with 50% -100% Proceeds Donated

The lovely and talented Tania Marie has posted a follow up to the article from the other day about Save A Bunny. Through the end of the year, Tania is donating some percentage of the proceeds from the sale of her beautiful artwork to help care for bunnies at Save A Bunny and Bunny World Foundation. She also has a CafePress shop where you can purchase many items with her gorgeous artwork incorporated, and 100% of those proceeds go to the bunnies.
Enjoy the artwork, and buy or donate as you feel led ❤

Tania Marie's Blog

So I know it’s a little early for some to think about holiday gift-giving, but then the stores have already been showcasing both Thanksgiving and Christmas stuff for a while now, so this may already be on some of your radars. Regardless, last night I was hit with the inspiration to offer my art, as a way to potentially help raise some money for Save A Bunny because of their tireless efforts and the influx of rabbits in their care due to the wildfires. This is a rabbit rescue in Mill Valley, CA where I adopted both Joy and Astrid from.

I try to give when I can to both Save A Bunny and Bunny World Foundation (where I adopted Cosmo from) when I can because these two organizations work tirelessly for the bunnies and conscious awareness all around.

When I heard about the potential threat Save A Bunny was…

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Bitter & Sweet ~ Save A Bunny’s Incredible Generosity Amidst Tragedy & Astrid’s Reminder & Voice Heard

If you feel so called, please support the efforts of a wonderful animal rescue group in California called SaveABunny which is currently doing its best to help bunnies affected by the wildfires. The lovely Tania Marie has shared some messages from them, as well as ones from her own magical bunny, Astrid.

Tania Marie's Blog

This was Astrid a few days ago in meditative mode tuning in to all around her and sending out energy to those in need. As you can see, a blueish green ray of light is beaming across her core and through her all-seeing eye. She is connected to the Source of All That Is through the light within her, as she especially tunes in to the bunnies at Save A Bunny where she lived before coming to me and where a lot of displaced rabbits whose families had to evacuate from the fires and a big group of abandoned rabbits left in boxes in a park, have all come to be cared for there as well. She’s been extra snuggly last week, really absorbing all the love I give her. She knows the importance of giving AND receiving. This makes me happy, as my bunnies have always been huge givers and…

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