Unfiltered Thoughts on Creating the Business You Want

Hi, Everybody. Not long ago, I announced that I was re-launching my business under a new name. But, I have a confession to make: I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to creating a business.

I have made a couple of attempts. I have read mountains of literature, joined Facebook groups dedicated to Spiritual Entrepreneurs, talked endlessly with my husband and a few select friends about my doubts and misgivings, my hopes, and my ultimate dreams. Written pages and pages about what my ideal work day looks like. Visualized until I fall asleep in a stupor of delight at the images in my head. What I have not been able to do is get clients consistently.  (Should I even be wanting to “get clients”? If you read enough in those Spiritual Entrepreneur groups, you won’t think so. It’s almost as if getting clients is somehow nefarious and beside the point. It’s really difficult to have the time to help people, though, if you also have to work a 40 hour week and the boss gets to control your hours. What I want is to put out as much helpful material as possible and also be able to help one-on-one those women who need something more personal. It’s what I love and what I am good at. It’s what I have spent most of life learning to do.)

Perhaps this is my year. I like to think so. I have been steadily more and more successful at attracting what I want in almost every other aspect of my life, or else I have accepted that I need to leave it alone for now.  Not so with my work life. I feel the perpetual tug toward something beyond my 8-5, working-for-someone-else life. And I feel as though my dream is right around the corner, just waiting for me to notice it.

So, what’s the dream?


Ah, now that’s a good question! Here it is: I dream of lighting the way to joy for women who long for a deeper connection to themselves, their loved ones, and Source. I dream of doing that by teaching them everything I know, giving them every tool I have learned to use in my 25 years of reading, studying, practicing, and living.  I long to help them see themselves as beautiful, capable, brilliant, inherently loveable and worthy.  I long to see every woman relax into her own true self and strip away every single thing that does not serve her highest good. 

The other part of the dream is how I do that, which is the same way I stripped off my own depression and reclaim every day my own sense of loveability and worthiness: through finding and using the tools that are most helpful. For me, those are Reiki, working with the chakra system, meditation, journaling, using crystals, working with my Guides, my Higher Self, and other high vibrational Beings, and through talking with like-minded friends and teachers. I believe those same things can help everyone. I believe I can teach anyone to use them.

Where I get lost and bogged down into utter paralysis is the HOW. What do I do first? Am I just making too big a deal out of the How? Gardening is teaching me to start where I am.  Cut down the dead black-eyed susans next to the front door because driving up to my lovely home and seeing their blackened stalks every day makes me sad. So, clip, clip. Harvest tomatoes because they will rot if I don’t. Yummy salsa and tomato topping on beans and rice. Pull out the monster tomato plant because it is shading out my peppers. Out it comes.  My current dilemma stems from figuring out how to translate that to my work. Start where I am….Hence, this long and winding blog post, baring my heart and mind to the wide and wise world (wise was actually what came out when I tried to type wide… message there, I suspect.).

You might also ask what makes me so damn qualified to teach anyone anything? Yep, I have asked myself that one. But I have a great answer: What I teach has worked for me; it has worked for my husband; it has worked for friends; it is working still for all of us. And there is more that I know that you don’t yet know: the first time I tried to kill myself, I was 5 years old. in the kitchen, with a big bread knife that had a little hook on the end. That feeling never went away until 2014, when I was 40 years old. When it did, it was because I finally started actively using what I had spent over 20 years learning about. I started doing the work. And, in 3 years, I went from suicidal to full of joy, actively creating a life I want to LIVE, not die to get away from.

Even in my 8-5 day job, I have brought into my life a position where my co-workers are friends and connection with them feeds my soul in ways I never expected. But the work….the work is not what I am meant to be doing.  And we’ve circled back around to the current issue.

So, what to do? I know what I would recommend to a client.
1. Get Quiet: pull the plug on technological distractions like Facebook, email, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Disconnect from others so you can more clearly hear yourself.

2. Go Within: whatever your favorite form of meditation is, do that. Do it for as long as you can. Get your mind clear. And to that end…

3. Write: get out a notebook. Write at least 3 pages longhand with an actual pen whatever comes into your mind. DO NOT CENSOR! Write as fast as you can, not stopping until all 3 pages have been filled. Stream-of-consciousness writing pulls out all sorts of things you never knew were in your head.

4. If some kind of clarity is still not coming through by this point, you can either start over, talk to a trusted friend, or let it rest. Any of those options is perfectly ok. It can take more than once through this process to clear out enough of the built up junk in your brain – the clutter of to-dos, “news”, work and family obligations, and other detritus- for the good stuff to have room to come to the top.

So, here is my action plan, folks. Many, many deep bows and sincere thanks for letting me get that out there into the Ethers.  Lots of thank-you hugs and Reiki blessings for following along on my journey.




New Business Name and September Specials

I have been working on building my own business as a teacher of spiritual concepts, Reiki practitioner, and Akashic Records reader for a couple of years, now, with varying degrees of success. My commitment to it has been lacking, though, and so the success I really want from my business has been elusive, to say the least.

Several months ago, I began working with The Morrigan. One of the major components of that work is opening myself up to bringing my skills, knowledge and gifts to others so that they can, in turn, shine their light more brightly into the world. She has been pushing me at every turn to write, share, teach, and help. Doing so means that I must set aside my fear of exposure, of being seen, of being thought a fraud or a pretender.  She reminds me that I have spent the best part of my 43 years learning, reading, interacting with non-physical Guides, Angels, and Teachers, healing my own splintered psyche with the techniques, concepts, and practices that I want to teach to others. I’ve absorbed hundreds of books, videos, and articles, spent hours journaling, meditating, visualizing, and changing my mindset. If I am not ready now to share what I know, I will never be ready.

With that in mind, I offer my first official services under my new business name (the first name I have created specifically for it…) :

Welcome to Ananda Grove
Intuitive and Spiritual Coaching!


My first offering is a short term program created by working with several women I know personally. It is a Targeted Healing program, designed to address a specific, stubborn block that has not responded well to other healing methods. It combines chakra work, Reiki, and work in the Akashic Records in a 5 week program. Included in the program is the following:

  • 5 full, one-hour distance Reiki sessions with email follow up
  • Chakra scans included in each Reiki treatment
  • 2 Akashic Records sessions to clear any lingering past life entanglements
  • Includes past life, alternate life or other work in the Akashic Records
  • AR sessions are scheduled 1 at the beginning of the program time and 1 at a time of your choice
  • Every session – Reiki or Akashic Records – has email follow up so you have your summaries for later review
  • All sessions are conducted via email and/or phone
  • Total program time is 5 weeks
  • Total cost for 5 Reiki treatments, 2 AR sessions, 5 Chakra scans, and email support is $525.

If you would like more information about what Reiki is and how a distance session works with the chakra scan, please read my Reiki FAQ. For more information about the program or to get started, please contact me at linettecchance@gmail.com

I also offer one-off Reiki sessions and Akashic Records sessions.

Reiki Distance Healing Sessions:
Reiki is a healing modality that helps the recipient’s own body heal itself. Distance treatments include a chakra scan and are conducted at the client’s convenience with a follow up via email detailing the images, messages, and any other pertinent information received at each chakra point. One additional follow up email is included in the cost of the session.

I only offer one-hour sessions, as the chakra scan that happens along with the treatment is difficult to restrict to less than that. The recipient does not have to be immobile for the entire session.

Distance treatments with chakra scan are $73.  If you would like to bundle treatments, please contact me for more information and pricing.

Akashic Records Sessions:
The Akashic Records are a repository of all of a person, place, animal, or situation’s thoughts, feelings, and actions across all timelines and planes of existence.  There is really no limit to what the Records can be used for. I specialize in Past Life readings, where we address a current life issue within the context of previous lifetime traumas. This offering is especially for those who have spent time doing mindset work for specific issues, with little success.

AR sessions are 30 minutes or an hour long, and conducted by phone or email. The cost is $45 for 30 minutes, and $73 for an hour.


Lastly, Reiki Level 1 Certification classes are now forming in Goshen.

Reiki I Certification Classes:

  • Classes forming now for September and October
  • Reiki level I classes cover:
    • History of Reiki
    • Reiki cleanse
    • Ethics of Reiki
    • General discussion of the nature of Reiki
    • Hand positions for treating self and others
    • Monetary exchange for treating others
    • Reiki level I attunement
    • Practice treating self and others
  • Classes are 4-5 hours long (depending on class size), and include a vegetarian lunch (or feel free to bring your own)
  • Cost is $150, with a $50 discount if paid two weeks in advance of class date

Please email me at linettecchance@gmail.com to discuss class dates




Connecting with the Goddess: Reiki and Akashic Records Specials

What a wonderful weekend this past one was! So much magick and synchronicity packed into just two days! One of the things that happened was a new connection with a patron Goddess, who is leading me in new directions of growth, both in my internal landscape and in my business. She (and my sweet friend, Laura) has suggested that I offer these two specials for the last part of May and the month of June.  These prices are good if paid through June 30.


Image from SageGoddess.com, my favorite place for crystals and magickal tools. 

The first is a new offering called Connecting with Your Patron Goddess.
This is for anyone who feels the desire to connect with a patron Goddess either temporarily or on a more permanent basis. I will go into the Akashic Records and request for the client that a willing Goddess most suited to her (or his) current needs and energy present herself for partnership. The session will last about an hour and will include an introduction and answers to any questions the client wishes to ask about how to work with the Goddess who comes forward.  The cost for this session is $77. 

The second is my standard distance Reiki session with chakra reading, but at a discounted price of $55.
During your distance Reiki session, I will tune in to each chakra center and relay the dream-like images I receive at each point. As well as providing extra healing at those centers which need it most, knowing what blocks you may be experiencing at each chakra center will help you focus your own energy and mindset work to maximum benefit.  This session includes an email follow-up summarizing all the information I receive.  For more information on what Reiki is and how a distance session works, please see my Reiki FAQ, here.

Please contact me at linettecchance@gmail.com for more information or to set a time for your session.

Goodbye to the Old Me

After yesterday’s post and the outpouring of love and support sent my way since I posted it, I have felt a profound shift inside myself. This song came into my head as I was thinking back over the last two years, and especially the last week. So, I wanted to take a moment and honor the woman I have been, the woman who carried my deepest soul so carefully to this new place.

Healing my Memories of Home

old brown trailer

Old trailer like many of those I lived in as a child

I bet many of you lived in a place like this, and you will be able to relate to what I am about to say. My family lived in several places like this; some in trailer parks, some not. But they all shared a smell, especially in the South: cockroach spray. All the places we lived in reeked of the stuff. I can still smell it in my mind. By the time we lived in them in the mid-80s, these places had seen way better days. They often had soft floors around places where water might accumulate, like the toilet, the shower, and the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  In one trailer, we had to be careful not to stand too close to the front of the shower because the floor under it was so weak, a 90 pound 11-year-old might go crashing, naked, through the floor on to the ground below.  In another place we lived, that actually did happen to my mother, and she had the scars on her right calf to prove it until the day she died.

We didn’t always live in trailers. A few times, we lived in apartments, but those proved to be no better. Another place we lived, an upstairs apartment, had one bedroom that was completely unusable because the previous tenant had had dogs who were kept enclosed in it and there was so much calcified dog poop on the floor that you couldn’t walk anywhere in the room without stepping on it. I got the thankless job of ripping it up out of the bright blue carpet and scrubbing the spots with a bucket of hot, soapy water. It never was a room we could use for anything but storage.

In that same apartment, we could not afford to have the hot water turned on. Bath water was heated on the stove in a large roasting pan and poured into the bathtub. I washed my waist-length hair in icy water from the tap in the kitchen.

Why am I telling you this? So you will understand the week I have had.

My husband and I have gradually improved on my experience of home, but I have never felt that I left it entirely behind.  In all the spiritual work I have done, particularly in the last two years, I have moved leaps and bounds beyond the idea that I somehow deserved to be hidden away in unhealthy, ugly places, but my belief has still been put to the test this week.

The home of a very dear friend is coming open for rent in just over a month, and I have loved it from the moment I stepped inside it. There is a magnificent garden attached that she has lovingly, painstakingly restored from a desolate, weed-choked wasteland to an oasis of peace and beauty. I long with everything inside me to take up Guardianship of this place that feels sacred to me. But, I have struggled with finding enough faith in myself  – and in the Universe- to seize the opportunity in front of me.

As I went back and forth this week, breaking myself down and remaking myself into a true believer in my own worthiness, all my old memories of home resurfaced, and I have faced them with as much bravery as I could muster.

I wanted to share these thoughts of home with you today because it feels important to me to acknowledge my struggle, for maybe you have struggled with similar growth along your journey, or are struggling now. We can be the support we need for each other.

As I work my way through this period of intense growth, I also feel within me a rising of something I cannot even name yet. I think it may be an entirely new version of myself. I see her as more fully embodied, able to bring the visions in her head down into the Earth to be made manifest in this 3D realm. I see a woman who feels at home in a place that has firm floors, hot water, sacred spaces, and healthy boundaries.  I see a woman coming fully into her power.

The part of me that is already the woman I see in my mind’s eye believes that I will be living in this beautiful place that feels like home by the middle of July. The part of me that is still hiding, seeking a place that is clean and bright and whole, is terrified that things won’t come together in time, and I will be forever trapped in places like the ones I grew up in.  I hold that child-me in my arms and rock her, whispering that she is safe, she is safe, she is safe.

And as I do, her tears dry, her smile blossoms, and she gets up and runs outside to play in the garden of her dreams.



A Meditation for Inauguration Day

I discovered Meditative Minds on YouTube this morning. Their chanting video of the mantra Akal Mahakal seems perfect for today. It is a mantra which is intended to eradicate fear from the conscious and subconscious, particularly the fear of death. Try doing a Reiki self-treatment or simply swaying with your hands over your heart while listening.

Introduction to the Chakras Series

Hi, All!
I have been away for a bit, regrouping, rejuvenating, and letting my creative spark flare back up into a flame, but I am back now, with a series on the chakra system. For the next few weeks, I will share some basics about each chakra to help you get to know them as a practical, useful system that you can use on your path to becoming a clearer, more defined version of your lovely self.

A note about beginning our chakra series: There is no one healing modality or tool that is a cure-all or that will resonate with everyone. I love the chakra system because it is easy to work with and can be approached from so many angles, but this may not resonate with you.

For each post, I suggest you read what interests you, use what seems useful, and leave the rest. Allow that what seemed useless or uninteresting at one point may seem vitally important to you at a later time. We learn and use the tools that we are ready for!

There are all sorts of ways one can approach working with the chakra system, and there are no age, education, or religious limitations. I like to think of this system in the same way as the plumbing in my house. Energy (water) can enter and leave at any of several points. The main Source is a larger body of water that we can compare to Universal energy, and it enters the home (us) from the connection to the street (the Crown chakra). Various things can block the flow of water through the pipes, resulting in blockages, and various tools may be used to unblock these areas.

In this series, I will also recommend some tools for unblocking, healing, and maintaining each chakra: food, scents, music and sounds, movements and physical exercises, colors, breathing exercises, energy healing, and meditations, prayers, and affirmations. 

Again use what feels good. Leave what does not seem like a good fit for you. The goal is to integrate these tools into your life so you will actually USE them in the moment and not save them for when you “have time”.

And, SHARE what works! If it works for you, it will likely work for someone else, too!

Lastly, if you have questions or struggle with understanding, please ask. There are no silly questions, ever!

Integration Time (and 5 Things that Help)

The full moon and eclipse just past have thrown me for a bit of a loop, so I am taking some time to integrate, re-arrange, re-charge, and re-group.

Fall has always been the time for these things, for me, and as I get older, I find this energy intensifying. This year, all the sorting, cleaning, and spiffy-ing up seems to be happening internally, though.

As I fumble my way through the need for extra rest, a stomach bug that “mysteriously” manifested shortly after doing some major chakra clearing, miscommunications, and the consuming desire to hibernate, I am finding some things useful, which you might find useful, too:

  1. LOTS of water. Yes, I know you hear that all the time. I hear it all the time. And I usually roll my eyes while simultaneously acknowledging the absolute necessity of drinking as much water as I can hold without throwing up.  One tip: switch it out for herbal tea every so often. As long as there is no caffeine and no sugar in it (a toughie for me!), it will still help hydrate you.
  2. SLEEP. Yes, here again, I know, I know. You have shit to do. People to see. Work to slog through. Kiddos to look after. But, if you are anything at all like me, you will sneak in two hours of reading when you really should just turn out the lights and slide into blissful dreamland. Do whatever you need to do to get some extra sleep.
  3. Reiki. I am a level 2 (soon to be Master level!!) Reiki practitioner, and I could not get through all this crud without it. It really helps move the energy through so you don’t feel icky any longer than your body absolutely needs to in order to shunt out those toxins that you are releasing. If you have been attuned to Reiki, do a self treatment as often as you can manage it. If you aren’t, find someone to do a treatment for you, and prepare to feel better.
  4. Light, clean food. The last few weeks, my appetite has been shifting more and more toward the lightest, cleanest food I can find. The past few days, especially, my body has strongly indicated what it prefers by way of a heightened gag response. Fresh, organic apple? Yum, mouth waters. Frozen breakfast thingy that claims to have bacon, eggs, and potatoes? Mouth waters, sure, but as a precursor to something a lot less pleasant. Pay attention to how your body responds to the idea of eating certain things. Wisdom lies therein.
  5. Netflix (or other, non-consequential activity, like magazine reading). Listen, when you spend as much time as I do pushing yourself to be a better person, learning all the things, growing by leaps and bounds, helping, seeking, nurturing, and generally running your brain on its highest possible setting, there comes a time when it just needs to rest. So, re-watch Lost (and discover that some things you loved about it before you began this leg of your spiritual journey really annoy the shit out of you now…), cheesy alien invasion flicks, weepy dramas, or whatever feels like it would be just great fun for two hours. Or four hours. Your conscious mind will thank you for the new input (or a chance to re-evaluate old input), and your sub-conscious mind will have a chance to process all the stuff you have been pouring in there.

Yup, this is all stuff you have heard before (or most of it, anyway). Yup, it is still the most effective stuff you can do for yourself when you are burned out, at risk of fading away, or just plain need a break from life.  I know when I don’t feel my best, I really need someone to tell me what to do. So, there you go. Do these things. And feel better. If you don’t feel better right away, keep doing them. I promise, you will soon feel like your previously luminous self, but better. 🙂

My Experience with Usui Reiki

I first heard of Reiki back in the 90s as I was browsing around on some message boards on Beliefnet. Several people seemed to know it and love it, but I didn’t have any idea what it was or why I should care. It seemed like a good thing, but nothing really special.

Flash forward to 2015. I was sitting in my office at work, reading articles on Facebook about spiritual topics, and I suddenly felt overwhelmed by emotion. Gratitude, love, serenity….it all came flooding into me through the top of my head. I felt like a giant waterfall had been turned on directly over my head and I was lost in the flood. All I could do was cry and rock and hold on to the edge of my desk. Thank god I had a private office!

A friend in a Facebook group was kind enough to talk me through what felt like an unbelievably transformative experience. She is a Reiki Master/Teacher and asked if I had ever had an attunement. I had no clue what that was. I went home that night and could not stop thinking about this amazing experience and how it changed the way I felt about absolutely everything in just a few moments. I started to read about Reiki, and decided to try to find a practitioner in my area.

As the Universe would have it, there was a Reiki Master/Teacher just 4 blocks from me! I emailed her and asked what I needed to do to schedule a healing attunement, not understanding that was incorrect terminology for what I wanted, which was just a Reiki treatment session. Somehow, I ended up signing up for a Reiki level 1 class just a few weeks from that time. I am not entirely sure I even knew what I was signing up for or what it meant.

Much to my surprise, my husband, usually the bigger skeptic of the two of us, said he wanted to attend the class, too. So, on August 29, 2015, we both went, and we were both attuned to Usui Reiki level 1.

[For those of you who are as in the dark as I was, allow me to explain. Everything in the universe is made of energy. Reiki is part of this energy. It is a loving, healing part of this energy, and it comes directly from God or Source or Spirit or whatever your name for the Something-Greater-Than-Us is. It is channeled through the heart chakra of the practitioner and out through his or her hands to the body or energy field of the recipient. It works by healing the energy of the recipient, working from the outmost part of the energetic field to the innermost, which is the physical body. It heals and aligns the chakras. It is incapable of doing harm or being sent where it is not wanted. The energy will dissipate if either of these intentions are present. For more information, my Reiki FAQ is available here.]

Let me tell you, there is no feeling in the world that I have experienced so far that compares to being attuned to Reiki at level 1. Not even my Waterfall Moment, as I have come to call it, compares to feeling like you can shoot laser beams out of the palms of your hands! A Reiki attunement allows you to feel the pulse of Universal Reiki energy in the palms of your hands, and to channel that energy into your own body and the bodies and energy fields of others. I felt like a freaking super hero!

I was immediately hooked, and I wanted to get my next level attunement as soon as possible. Most Reiki Master/Teachers really recommend that you wait some period of time before being attuned to level 2. You need time to practice on yourself, on your family, on anyone who will sit still for it. But, again, the Universe must have really wanted me to have this experience, because there was a level 2 class 3 weeks later, and my teacher allowed both me and my husband to sign up. So, on September 19, 2015 (the 4th anniversary of my mother’s death, as things worked out), we were attuned to level 2.

That was nearly a year ago, and I will soon be attuned to the Master/Teacher level. But, more than simply racking up accomplishments, certificates, cool energetic powers, Reiki has changed my life and my husband’s life.

For me, the changes have been mostly emotional, except for the fact that I no longer have thyroid issues. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism in 2001 and struggled with it pretty intensely. The brain fog, exhaustion, and all the other symptoms that go along with this malfunction of the thyroid gland kept me weighed down, literally, for most of 14 years. It didn’t clear up all at once, but I could tell a steady, persistent difference, until, today, I hardly have any sign of it at all. Emotionally, childhood issues started to resolve, traumas and hurts began to heal all on their own or with minimal work on my part. I began to feel more in tune with my body, and I began to develop a closer relationship with both God/Spirit/Source and with my husband.

The changes in him were astounding. He stopped smoking. Later, he stopped drinking. He lost weight. His anxiety, a lifelong plague and the most severe anxiety I have ever witnessed in person, reduced to the point where he was able to sleep up to 8 hours a night: a huge change from the ragged 3-4 hours he was used to. We grew closer and closer. All of this within just a year’s time.

Last fall, I began to take on Reiki clients professionally. It was so thrilling and gratifying to me to be able to help people I couldn’t even be in the same room with! (Reiki level 2 includes special symbols that allow the practitioner to be able to send the energy long distances.) Friends and clients were amazed that they could feel the change in energy, and they were excited by how relaxed they felt after a session. I finally felt like I had a glimpse of my true calling here on Earth, in this lifetime. Reiki is a part of my purpose as a healer here, now.

Reiki changed my life and continues to change me in both profound and mundane ways. Headache? Reiki it. Backache? Reiki it. Get a deep cut at work? Bandage it, and then Reiki it. Bad dream? Reiki it. Instead of praying over my food, I Reiki it. I send Reiki ahead of my car while traveling to keep the road ahead safe and clear. I Reiki my home and office to keep out unwanted energy. I Reiki my blog posts and my Facebook posts with the intention that each person who reads them feels blessed and a little better. There is literally nothing Reiki cannot help with.

From my first encounter with Reiki to this day, I tell everyone I know that if you have even the tiniest bit of interest in it, get attuned to level 1. It will change your life, too.


Special Reiki Offering

Sometimes, we need a little something extra to boost us through some turbulent times.
With that in mind, I am offering a Reiki special from now through the end of October…A Reiki 3 pack of sessions with one free chakra assessment and one free Tarot reading.

You can use this in a couple of ways:
~If there is something specific you have been struggling with, we can do the Tarot reading and the chakra assessment to help you get some clarity. We can then focus the three Reiki sessions on helping clear out any junk that is blocking your path
~You can use the Reiki sessions as stand-alone sessions, to be scheduled when you need the extra relaxation or healing. The chakra assessment would be done as part of one of those Reiki sessions, but the Tarot reading could also be done as a stand-alone session.
~You can give the gift of healing and insight to friend or loved one

If you are unsure what Reiki is or how it can benefit you, you can find my Reiki FAQ here.
There is also a brief explanation of a what a chakra assessment is.

The price for this special is $111, a 50% discount over my usual rate.  It must be paid by October 31, but you can schedule the sessions for any time you like. For example, if you typically need more energetic support around the holidays, that would be a great way to make sure you get it!

For any other questions, or to purchase your package, please email me at linettecchance@gmail.com.