About the Librarian

First of all, welcome to my Library! I truly hope you find things here that will illuminate the darker corners.

My name is Linette, and libraries have my safe space since I was very small, so I find it only fitting that my home on the internet should be library-themed.

I find many, many things fascinating, and I will write about most of them here as a way to understand them better. My ultimate goal is to embody my core desired feelings, a concept delivered in Danielle LaPorte’s amazing book, The Desire Map. The most pertinent of those feelings is Luminous, and this blog, in addition to helping me understand myself and these fascinating things better, will serve as a way to share what I discover, to light the way into the dark caves of understanding. We humans share so many similarities and universal experiences, but it often helps to view those experiences through the lense of someone else’s perspective. That’s what I hope to bring to your life through sharing my own enchantments: understanding and a renewed sense of wonder and innocence.

My Library reflects my interests and beliefs, so I feel it courteous to let you know what sort of vein these run in. Since I am a devoted list-maker, here you go!

~I am a certified Master/Teacher Reiki practitioner, so you will find information regarding energy healing, as well as
~Source/God/Universe/Wakan Tanka/Goddess/Mother Earth
~Science-y stuff like quantum mechanics, neuroscience, nutrition, astronomy and space travel, and molecular biology
~Gardening – I am a beginner 🙂
~Reading and books, of course!
~Poetry, mostly my own
~And so many other things along these same lines. My interests shift and expand, like most folks’ I believe, but these are the core topics that tend to catch my interest and that I want to know more about and understand more deeply.

I do offer Reiki treatments via long distance, as well as chakra readings. If you would like to know more, you can find my Reiki FAQ here.  For session prices, to schedule a session, or just drop me a line, you can find my email address here.

Once again, welcome!