Moving Beyond Discouragement

My sweet friend, Laura, and I had an email exchange on Friday that we thought might be helpful to some others.
On Thursday of last week, I got some disappointing money news, and it just seemed like the last straw. Having grown up dirt poor, it has been a real struggle to re-align my beliefs about money and my own worth, and last week was just triggering me all over the place.
The other factor here is that I have also had deep issues with expressing anger, perfectionism, and being a “good girl”, so my anger at Beings on the Other Side was extremely upsetting to me. They have been available to me since I was a child, and I have always felt comforted by their presence. For a while last week, I felt as though they had let me down in a way that was unacceptable, just short of betrayal.
Over the weekend, with Laura’s advice ringing in my mind, I began to feel better, more expansive, as she put it, and more grounded. Now, it simply feels like the thing that needed to happen, in spite of how foreign it felt at the time, and even my anger and deep disappointment in my Guides now seems to be exactly what needed to happen. Perhaps I had come to rely too heavily on their advice, rather than seeking my own intuitive knowledge.

I hope that this exchange will help anyone else feeling this just now. If you are in this boat, know you are not alone, and, as someone commented on Laura’s post, in order to sail to new lands, one must lose sight of the shore (paraphrased); and, as Laura herself quoted from J.R.R. Tolkien, “Little by little, one travels far.”

Laura Bruno's Blog

I had an email catch up with a friend today, and we both thought parts of our exchange would help anyone else facing discouragement. I’ve corrected typos, added paragraphs for easier reading, and removed obviously identifying information like names, location and personal details. Otherwise, the question and my response appear intact below.

This week I’ve heard from enough clients, friends and relatives that I know more than just my friend are dancing a mazurka with discouragement. Whether your challenge stems from money, work, family, health, life path, and/or romance, please know, you’re not alone. You don’t need to know your entire trajectory right this moment. You just need to get unstuck by finding and taking the next step. And then the next one. As J.R.R. Tolkien said, “Little by little, one travels far.”

My friend:

… As an aside, do you ever get discouraged? The reason I ask is because…

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